Your Chinese Horoscopes for the Weekend of July 20

Boar Chinese Horoscope


 Friday, July 20, 2018
The kids in your family may seem to have developed a serious case of ants in the pants. They may need a time out or just time out of the house. Something physically active could help burn off some extra energy or give them an outlet to express some challenging feelings.

Tomorrow Boar Chinese daily:

You need to invest in yourself. You may be given an opportunity to boost your financial portfolio with stock options, or be given extra benefits. You may also find social connections offer unexpected opportunities to boost your career profile. Don’t be afraid to schmooze.

Day after tomorrow:

Friends and companions are confusing right now. Someone is open, supportive, almost literally your “Rock” to stand on. But someone else seems confused and unsettled. It may be that the latter party has some issues that you are not aware of.

Dog Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

You need to focus your financial energies on your own needs right now, but a friend or associate could be pressuring you to make a commitment to some financial project that is taking you off your own priorities. You may just have to learn how to say “No, thank you.”

Chinese Dog tomorrow horoscope:

It is an excellent time to start or expand a meditation or prayer practice, or to study a spiritual path. Your psychic energy is strong right now, but discipline and control would help you use it more effectively. You may find an online community of like-minded people helpful.

Day after tomorrow:

You may have an unusual opportunity to have some fun right now, or be invited to a unique entertainment event of some kind. If you have musical or acting skills, you might even be asked to take the stage yourself! You will be highly impulsive.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

A financial challenge may bring unexpected opportunities. You may find that you have something hidden or an unexpected benefactor. If things look challenging, keep your chin up. It will not last long, and when you overcome the problem, you will be a lot stronger.

Rooster Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may face some kind of disappointment or let down. A person you look up to may turn out to have feet of clay after all. Instead of wallowing in that feeling, ask yourself how you could do better, then go and do something. You can turn this experience into a real gift.

Day after tomorrow:

Your career, business and financial intuition is still on target, even if one or two arrows missed the mark. Overall, you have an increasingly positive track record, but you are finding it hard to believe in yourself. Trust you will be led to solution.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

Keep your ears open – you could be hearing some wonderful news for or about a loved one right now. Spiritual beliefs and shared values bring hearts together. If you are single, a spiritual meeting could be the place to broaden your circle of contacts.

Monkey Chinese Tomorrow horoscope:

You could stumble across an old childhood hurt that is buried in your subconscious right now. If you find yourself acting oddly and you don’t know why, stop for a moment and ask yourself “What is this all really about?” The answer could be healing.

Day after tomorrow:

Your chart right now practically shouts that you need to exercise more, and you need to watch your diet. You have financial opportunities to celebrate, but if you do that with cookie dough ice cream, it will go straight to your waist line right now.

Ram Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

Your intuition about a friend or companion is dead centre on target. They are a bit stressed out and could use some fun and play time to get their head back together. You can help by finding them a fun way to express their creative energies.

Ram Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You are still in a spending mood, aren’t you? Well, just leave home without those credit cards. Indications are that your head can be easily turned by shiny things with lots of knobs, dials, lights or buttons on them. Avoid the home entertainment stores at all costs right now.

Day after tomorrow:

You may have some trouble deciding what to do right now. You may feel undecided are unsure about your next course of action. Do not take any action until you know what you want to do. You may feel impulsive and uncertain at the same time.

Horse Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

You could be overcome by an urge to play matchmaker with a friend right now. If so, make your choice carefully. You may pick just the right person to push all your friend’s vulnerable buttons. You may later ask yourself what you could have been thinking.

Horse Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Fun, fun fun! That’s all that is on your mind right now, but the daily realities make keep intruding into your play plans. You may first have to set aside some time to organize your responsibilities so that you can get away to an entertainment or sporting event.

Day after tomorrow:

If you are a parent, you will find a helpful alternative to traditional medical treatments that will help you improve the quality of life for your children. You have a chance to dramatically improve your lifestyle through reading, study or by taking a class.

Snake Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

It is time you got out to shake your booty. You may be feeling a bit lonely or down on yourself, and cutting up a rug may be just the thing to perk up your love life right now. Anything that gets your body moving will be a boost to your spirits, if nothing else.

Snake Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Avoid malls and antique shops right now. You are not up to your bargain-hunting best. You are feeling self-indulgent and could find yourself back at home asking “What on earth was I thinking?” when you are finally unpacking your shopping bags.

Day after tomorrow:

Someone who starts off as challenging could turn into an important supporter if you are patient. It may seem like they need advice, but avoid that temptation. Ask leading questions instead. They will own the solution more enthusiastically if they think of it themselves.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

You will find yourself wondering if you should have bothered getting out of bed for most of the day. It may seem to you that everyone is treading water, running in place, and that precious little practical work is getting done. Avoid signing any work-related documents right now, unless you don’t want the project to go forward.

Chinese Dragon tomorrow horoscope:

You may be joining a club, group or association soon that is a bit outside your normal range of interests. You will find that meeting new people with ideas that are different from your own will help you break through an important personal goal.

Day after tomorrow:

Family responsibilities may take the joy out of some planned recreation or sporting activity you had planned right now – but only if you allow it. You can integrate the two, and bring along your elder relative to the big game, or out for some fun at the bingo parlor.

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

You may have a not too subtle bump against the “Paper Ceiling”. That’s the barrier to career progress caused by the lack of paper credentials. You could be considering going back to school to boost your earning potential or leadership skills.

Rabbit Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

A friend or companion has decided that your unsolicited advice or feedback has merit after all, and they will be expressing their appreciation together with some sheepish apologies most likely. Do your best to be gracious and understanding, it’s not easy to admit you’re wrong.

Day after tomorrow:

You’ll be looking for new and interesting forms of entertainment, and anything that includes personal expression, such as crafting, painting or writing would help you both get your feelings “out” and provide you with a pleasant and entertaining diversion.

Ox Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

You will be forced to have a second look at your financial values, assumptions of beliefs about values right now. You may decide that your personal values or a comfortable lifestyle is more important than a big pay cheque at the end of the day.

Ox Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You will find deep and abiding changes are happening in the workplace. Don’t fear or resist them as they are absolutely vital to sweeping you to a much more prosperous and happy position in the long term. Don’t let yourself be bullied or guilted into taking on work you are not paid for.

Day after tomorrow:

You may feel like you are grasping at straws trying to pull your finances together at the moment but things are not as bad as your mind chatter makes them out to be. In fact, soon you will get some news that will brighten the picture considerably.

Rat Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

You aren’t at your most clear right now, especially where it comes to paperwork and documentation. It is a good idea you give yourself some extra time to get to work, because you are scattered and forgetful at times. You do have some amazing insights on the spiritual side however.

Rat Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity right now. If you are a writer or are involved in the communications business, sharpen your pencils and get out that resume, you have a chance to get published right now. Don’t listen to a doubting Thomas in your family right now.

Day after tomorrow:

There are some challenging and contradictory aspects right now, which may lead to you feeling confused and frustrated at times. But if you keep your cool, you may find that there are opportunities within your challenges that might not have come up otherwise.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Friday, July 20, 2018

Ask yourself if you would rather be right or have peace. Going on the political war path is not the best way to endear yourself to a wider audience right now. Be especially careful what you say in social media. Your words are like hot arrows right now. Once in flight, you cannot get them back.

Tiger Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Unexpected changes in your social or career life could affect your home and family life. Try to keep separate spaces for your loved ones that do not intrude on your ambitions. Someone could come to you seeking help with a child whose daydreaming is driving their loved ones to distraction.

Day after tomorrow:

Don’t get too wound up in the “What do I want to do with my life” muddle you have been struggling with – it is a battle you can’t sort out in one day, and right now it’s just counterproductive to your mood. Indulge in a little pampering right now as soon as you get some time to yourself.