Your Horoscopes for the Week of July 9th

Your Horoscopes for the Week of July 9th

Claire Petulengro, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room



ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)

I know you don’t know exactly what you want at the moment, but you do know what you don’t want and that in itself is a good way of moving forward. To say you have been stuck in a rut of late is an understatement, but events from this week onwards see you firmly moving onwards and upwards. Ring now to stir your heart and soul romantically in the month ahead.


TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

They say that a change is as good as a rest and that is just what you need right now. Dreams are the touchstones of our characters. Don’t be afraid to get to know yourself. There is so much more to you than you realise and I am so very proud of how far you have come. Scorpios have the good advice you have been seeking in work. Ring now to hear which sign I know you are too good for.


GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

I can see your finances are not as fluid as you would like and this has as much to do with how you have allowed others to use your money as their own recently. Offers of travel are coming your way and you would be wise to save rather than spend this week. You’ll find out why by Thursday. Ring now to put life and love into perspective.


CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

News about someone from your past comes to light which fills in a lot of missing blanks and helps you make sense of what went wrong and why things were so rough between you. Try not to dwell too long my friend. The best outcome in light of this is moving on knowing how much you’ve been held back. Ring now for inspiration.


LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

I see that an insecure frame of mind last week led to you say and do things which you now have to do a lot of apologising for. Don’t be afraid to lay all your cards on the table this week, as close ones already know more than you think about what’s been going on behind closed doors. Ring now to hear how overseas links are written in your stars for the future.


VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

You can at long last start to plan for future spending, possibly on improvements in the home, or maybe even to do with a complete change of residence altogether. I can see how much you’ve had to struggle and worry in the last three months, but the tides are turning my friend. Ring now to hear why it’s worth making apologies where you know they’re due.


LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

You have not been so lucky in a long time, so take the bull by the horns and make that all important changeover in your personal life. Aries seem to play a really significant role in your life at this time too and could even be responsible for that secret smile regarding your love life. Call now for lucky dates in travel.


SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

This week offers you the chance to really put the past behind you. Finally you begin to focus on what is possible, rather than what is not. This was not previously possible for you with all you had going on in your life. You’ve learnt some life lessons though and you have grown up. This new, more mature you seeks and demands more. Ring now to hear why I know fate will deliver.


SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

You have to fall in line with a close one in order to help them save face. You are a great supporter, but you don’t seem to have found your friendship working as a two-way street recently, do you my friend? News of pregnancies and babies may come as a surprise, but should also help you weigh up your own options in life and prove to you that life does indeed go on. Ring now for answers.


CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

Try to not create more problems for close ones who already have enough to deal with due to the current tension many of the stars are causing. Time spent going back over forms you have already filled in can help you to correct an important mistake you seem to have made. Ring now to hear why this is such a great week for family reconciliations you have been secretly craving.


AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

You think you don’t have the freedom to make your own choices, but you are wrong. You do! Try to put a distance between those who you know only ever bring you down. It’s the key to you gaining back your self-confidence. Foreign names and accents begin an exciting new chapter of your life this week. Ring now to find out why career changes are so well starred this year.


PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

Try to plan things you know you enjoy this week. You have spent far too much time ‘dancing to the tune of others,’ when you should have been focusing on your true hopes and dreams. Cancelled plans at the weekend make way for life changing dramatics which make your life a much more interesting place to be. Ring now to hear how Mars hands you negotiating skills.




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