Your Monthly Horoscopes for July



Aries Monthly Horoscope Summary for July 2018: Your personal life is in keen focus this month, dear Aries, and while family or home life are big themes, you’re also finding ways to express and enjoy yourself creatively. This can be an important time for boosting your feelings of security. If you’re in need of a fresh start with family, the cosmos are supporting this endeavor, especially from the 12th forward due to a Solar Eclipse.

Nevertheless, your ruler, Mars, is retrograde all month and most of next month, too, reinforcing the need to take it easy. As well, you’re bound to feel tension related to your larger goals and career or reputation, as this is an ongoing pressure in your life, but you’re learning to find a balance through some trial and error. Most of July is suitable for playful or creative communications, education, flirtations, and exciting learning experiences, but Mercury’s retrograde turn on the 26th can introduce some complications getting your intended message across.

Issues with friends that have been unresolved can become full-blown around the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th, giving you just the right boost to make important changes and resolutions. However, with Mars retrograde in your friend sector and Mercury retrograde from the 26th until August 19th, keep your cool and take your time with important decisions. It may be wiser to resolve old problems than to move into new territory.

July is an excellent time for rediscovering old projects, reorganizing the home, and dealing with past problems in new, empowering ways. This is about your support system as well as the support you give to others. There can be vivid memories and important discoveries. You may be facing up to a neglected area of your life that now seems quite essential to revisit, and you have much to gain in the process. The month is a critical time for getting into deeper touch with your innermost needs and desires.

Support might come from family, and there can be strongly sentimental feelings experienced now. There can be excellent opportunities to expand, strengthen, and enhance family relationships, and on some level, you may very well find peace with your past. There are treasures to be found in the past, in fact, with o much retrograde activity, and you could be finding lost items, uncovering untapped resources, and remembering things that have long seemed forgotten.

Even so, Jupiter turns direct after several months of retrograde motion on the 10th, and gradually, you’ll see improvements or forward motion with your intimate life or finances. You’re more confident about dealing with tricky emotions and complicated problems. Personal charisma increases. This can be a good time for leaving a bad habit behind. It can also augur well for publishing, legal, travel, and educational matters.

Your social life or love relationships can be especially animated and possibly tense at times in July. People can seem a little combative or their communications can be hasty and rough around the edges. Impulsive speech and actions are pronounced at times, and possibly quite disruptive. Pre-existing problems in your relationships or with work can build to a head. Entertain the idea that blocks to plans encountered now can lead you to make substantial, more realistic and reasonable refinements. There can be a “one step forward, two steps back” feel to the month in general, but keep in mind that you’re likely gaining more than is immediately apparent. There are heavy expectations and demands on you, and you need to find some time for a break!

From the 9th, Venus transits your work and health sector and forms especially happy aspects from that position, boosting up your enjoyment of work, duties, and taking better care of yourself. Work matters can thrive, even if it’s not an ideal time for big launches, and you can be especially interested in tackling ambitious projects or working on health goals. You can be quite pleased with work and the little things that you’ve accomplished. There can be pleasure derived from doing a job well done or a sense of accomplishment after taking care of important details. Working or intimate relationships can thrive. You might find it easier than usual to stumble upon the information or resources you need to resolve problems or advance your interests. A giving, generous approach to business and well as intimate relationships can work best right now and might even open doors for you. You may enjoy social opportunities arising from work, services, or the pursuit of health and wellness goals.

The Sun moves into a creative, romantic, and playful sector of your chart on the 23rd, where it will awaken your feelings and desire to share – an influence that lasts a month. On the 25th, however, Mercury turns retrograde in this same sector, suggesting once again that it’s better to look back for inspiration before pushing forward.

The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th aligns with retrograde Mars, and this can bring some drama to your social life. Unrest with friends and lovers may push to the surface, but you’ll be in a better position to understand what and who you want once the impatience or frustration of the moment passes. Venus and Pluto connect at the time of the eclipse, suggesting that motivation to make needed changes can come through a passionate enjoyment of your work, services, and projects.



Taurus Monthly Horoscope Summary for July 2018: There is a strong focus on learning, communicating, and connecting for you in July, dear Taurus. Your mind is curious, excited, and hungry, and opportunities to feed it are likely to pop up when you need them most! Transportation and communication channels might open up for you, especially from the 4-8 and after the Solar Eclipse on the 12th. You can be exceptionally busy in your daily life. The last days of the month can bring a revelation that prompts you to make important changes in your work. However, with Mars in your career sector in retrograde motion all month, it’s best to focus on what’s already in place than to branch out in new directions.

Attention to home and family matters increases towards the end of July, and any imbalances between personal and professional pursuits become glaring, demanding that a balance is found.

While a retrograde Mercury from the 26th forward may lead to some misunderstandings, you’re nevertheless expressing yourself with special flair in July. If you focus on slowing yourself down, this can be a very rewarding month. You may be turning to past projects and interests rather than embarking on all-new endeavors, and that’s just fine. In fact, it’s a great time for editing, revising, and reviving. You may be discovering new ways of communicating or commuting, perhaps because current ones are not working well.

Jupiter turns direct in your partnership sector on the 10th – a breath of fresh air with so much retrograde activity – and you’re in a better position to see the benefits of partnering going forward, or there could be more helpful, happy, or pleasing people coming (back) into your life. Even with increased family focus as the month advances, your social life is set to grow, too. Moods lift. You can find much joy in feeling part of a partnership or close friendship.

Your communications are likely to be received well. In fact, you may be in the position to offer advice or counsel in the first few weeks of July. Others can benefit from your know-how, and positive feedback can fuel your motivation to do your best. You may be expressing yourself more positively. With a more forgiving and kinder look at situations and people in your life, you could arrive at a nice feeling of peace and freedom. You might long to feel valued by a group or friend, and this can be within your reach now. It’s a good time to team up with a partner.

Tensions for you this month tend to concentrate in your work, with your reputation or with those in authority, and with transportation matters, studies, or belief systems. Controversy might be stirred. You may be tempted to say or do something out of character. Watch for getting too worked up about things that genuinely don’t matter in the long run. Negotiations may not be fruitful with both parties clinging too firmly to their position. Tension may revolve around opinions or how someone is communicating with you, particularly if you feel that someone is trying to overrule you.

From the 9th, Venus moves in harmony with your sign and connects happily with other planets, presenting opportunities for romance, boosted appeal, and leisure. Around the 13-14, the focus should be on bringing a plan or idea down to earth, expressing your affection for others through your reliability, and coming through for others. It can be an excellent time for attention to details and organization with money, studies, and creative projects. The confidence you have with your plans, creative efforts, hobbies, or romantic pursuits is based on realism now, which is the best kind! You can be drawn to pastimes and pleasures that have something to teach you, or you put more effort into the practical side of your hobbies and relationships now. On the 21-22, you have the chance to boost warmth, trust, and good humor in your interactions. It’s a time of personal popularity! You find it motivating when others are putting their faith in you, as you don’t want to let anyone down. Keep in mind that letting go of an outdated dream may very well make room for a new, more meaningful and realizable goal, and this applies to your social life as well as happiness projects or goals.

The Sun’s move to your home and family sector on the 22/23 helps slow you down in a pleasant way as you pay more attention to your personal life and domestic activities.Mercury turns retrograde in this same sector on the 25/26, suggesting that not everything is moving forward according to plan, making it best to take things in stride.

The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th occurs at the same time as an opposition between the Sun and retrograde Mars. Both events promote new awareness, and both in initially disruptive or dramatic ways! Be cautious when it comes to mixing personal and professional arenas. Misunderstandings can be plenty, and you’ll want to avoid bad press now. Impatience won’t move things forward if they’re not ready to go in that direction, so take some time before making needed changes. Fortunately, a Venus-Pluto trine ties into this eclipse, suggesting that the desire to enjoy yourself more fully can motivate you to make needed changes.



Gemini Monthly Horoscope Summary for July 2018: July is an excellent month for efforts to build and fortify essential areas of your life, dear Gemini. It’s not a good month for pushing things forward or for important launches, but you can be very productive nevertheless.

In fact, you can be very intent on bringing recent ideas and endeavors to life and building or developing these projects. With a Solar Eclipse in your solar second house happening on the 12th, you’ll be wanting results, but you’re also very willing to put in the necessary time and energy to achieve your goals. While you may be wrestling with funding source problems, sound energy is with you for new sources of, or increased, income from your own efforts not only this month but in the coming six months as well (eclipses have this kind of impact and range!). The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th can point to the culmination of a project or learning endeavor. You also have Jupiter turning direct in July, reinvigorating your interest in health programs and work projects that improve your sense of well-being.

You shouldn’t forget that with Mars retrograde all month and Mercury, your ruler, retrograde from the 26th, you are encouraged to slow down, work things out, draw on patience, and build and develop what you already have in place. In fact, the sooner you accept this kind of pace, the better the rewards!

With so much retrograde activity these days, Jupiter’s direct motion on the 10th can feel especially good. Motivation for your work and health programs increases. Projects that had stalled or were left behind might now resume, pick up speed, or turn a corner. A committed relationship may show signs of forward motion or increased positivity. The next several months are excellent for benefits from work, services, and health. For now, you’re easing forward in these areas — it’s slow but steady.

Overall this should be a calmer, less visible month for you, and it does you some good. You are exploring different ways of building your sense of value and worthiness. There can be renewed hope or optimism about finances or work now. Money issues or sources of income may change, and there can be some reshuffling to do. Ultimately, you could be finding ways to increase your income or your earning potential. Save big launches for later, but work at editing and revising, as these efforts can lead to great things. You might enjoy recognition for past work, and you can quite effectively work on or revive old projects that are likely to have long-term appeal and profitability. There can be important discoveries. There can be some wonderful inspiration and imagination surrounding business and finances this month.

The primary areas of potential challenges or tension for you in July tend to related to support, transportation, communications, and power dynamics. Others may not be giving you the support or feedback you desire at times this month, but do your best to go without. You may surprise yourself with your capabilities. Delays or mixed up schedules can especially grate on your nerves. There may be frustrating issues surrounding transportation and mobility to contend with. Differences of opinion can be a real issue in your relationships, as well. A money problem that may have been weighing you down could reach a turning point. If you’ve been feeling undervalued, frustrations can come to a head. This is an excellent time to let go of some of the need to control things and discover more personal power in the process.

From the 9th, you have Venus gracing your home and family sector and forming some special, fortifying aspects during her stay there. There can be beautiful prospects involving your family or home life now, and there can be increased pleasantness in your routines, work, or domestic world. If you need to repair or refresh relations with family, this is a fabulous time to do so. It’s also a fine time for home decorating, creative work, and relationships with co-workers or employees. Going the extra social mile at home or in your business can be satisfying, and perhaps profitable, too. However, try not to let evasive dreams interfere with your current situation or relationship. A person in your life may have trouble putting faith in a long-term goal if it doesn’t seem realizable, or your uncertainty about your future can put some strain on your family life.

The Sun enters your communications sector on the 22nd, kickstarting a busier, more connected theme in your life. Even so, just a few days later, Mercury turns retrograde in this same sector, and delays can prompt you to reimagine how to get around, communicate, and connect more creatively.

The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th is a complicated one. Mars is retrograde all month, and it is only during its retrograde periods that Mars forms its opposition to the Sun, every two years or so, and this happens at the time of this eclipse! The temptation may be to push to have your way, when in fact this is an opportune moment to take the time to feel, learn about, and understand your desires and drives. Frustration can center on intellectual planes, so watch for speaking prematurely or making too much of something said. Make safety an critical priority, as impatience can lead to errors in judgment. This eclipse also ties into a fortunate Venus-Pluto aspect, and improving your personal life or relationships with loved ones can be a significant motivator for you to make these necessary changes.



Cancer Monthly Horoscope Summary for July 2018: July is an important month for personal influence and getting your finances in order, dear Cancer. Even with a Mercury retrograde period beginning in the last week of July, the month is also healthy for communications and personal interests. It feels quite natural and necessary to take care of your own needs at this time of year. Clashes in values or conflicts over money may be issues in July, but money matters improve overall.

Two special events in July point to an extra shot of energy and confidence. You’re getting several boosts pushing you into the driver’s seat, not the least of which is a Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 12th — a powerful slate cleaner. Something new begins, and it can feel much like a new chapter in your life story. You are ready to kick bad habits, start fresh, and present a more self-assured “you” to the world. The other is the Sun in your sign forming a grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune. This can be an excellent time for exploring hobbies and other forms of expressive recreation. You are focused on refreshing and rejuvenating yourself, and channels open up for you to do so.

Keep in mind, though, that there are some rather strong factors keeping you realistic and perhaps even slowed down and delayed in July, as well. Mars is retrograde all month, for one, and for another, you have a substantial bit of planetary activity in your partnership sector periodically challenging you via opposition aspects. Relationship problems, likely to do with control or power dynamics, that have been brewing under the surface of things can emerge, sometimes with a lot of force. Look for ways to reclaim personal power by first determining where you’re giving it away!

Finances need a second look with Mercury traveling through your values and resources sector and retrograde from the 26th forward. Matters of ownership can be particularly heavy early in the month, too. It’s a less than ideal time to lend out money or possessions or even to collect on loans. The debts of a partner can frustrate you now, or you might find that a partner is restricting you from spending on things you want. This may alternatively have to do with respect and trust. There can be tensions, but it’s best not to jump into action until you’re in a more reasonable frame of mind. The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th is another financial wake-up call. It’s time to take care of your resources. It can also awaken a stronger desire for intimacy as well as previously hidden desires.

There is strong focus on your personality and your plans. Granted, Mars is retrograde all month – a rather infrequent occurrence that can slow things down, particularly in the areas of finances, support, and relationships. Navigating the waters can be a little tricky, but you have plenty of outlets through which to express yourself. New avenues open up to you for exploring different ways of having fun. Especially around the 4-5, you may be reviving old interests and pastimes, as this is a great time for finding treasures in your past. For some, an old romance may be revisited. Your imagination is active, and you can see beyond the ordinary, which lifts you up.

Jupiter’s direct motion on the 10th is very welcome as it ushers in hopefulness and optimism, particularly about a creative project or romantic relationship. Going forward and in the next several months, you’re likely to see some exciting forward movement in love, creative pursuits, recreation, hobbies, relationships with children, and self-expression. Your spirit to enjoy life is building, even if it’s not the time to push forward plans. Keep in mind that Mars will remain retrograde until August 27th, so take things easy.

Venus in your third house (from the 9-10 forward) is making some happy aspects, suggesting pleasant communications, warmth in your connections, and a great love of your personal interests or studies. Improved transportation is possible as well. This is a good time for learning and sharing useful information and ideas. Studies can thrive, and you can be developing skills and gaining knowledge voraciously. Teaching others can be satisfying now, as well. Particularly around the 21-22, you’re in excellent shape for communicating and expressing your ideas (or yourself) creatively. This is also a perfect time for reducing stress through creative expression or by throwing yourself into a fun hobby, the arts, or other forms of dramatic entertainment. Romantic life can improve with conversation and friendly, thoughtful gestures. In fact, you may feel inspired to express your feelings for someone now.

The Solar eclipse in your sign on the 12th sets up powerful energy for asserting your independence and beginning anew. It’s strong for personal reinvention, making a positive impact, education, and relationships with extended family. There can be a big attraction to cultural events and exotic places or activities that take you to new places and expand your mind. There is a lot of action in your 1st and 2-8 houses, and this suggests you’re pushing for your independence and trying to establish yourself in July.

The Moon’s move out of your sign and into your sector of personal resources on the 23rd turns your attention to establishing yourself and getting comfortable. On the 24-25, where you stand regarding school, travel, or communications and learning endeavors may be in question, and this can lead to a feeling of limbo. Your best bet is to wait it out, but be productive as you wait. Mercury is retrograde from the 25/26 to August 19th, and with Mars also retrograde, strong signals to slow down are with you, particularly with money. It’s best not to start brand-new endeavors in almost every field.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 27th aligns with retrograde Mars and can awaken a need to reorganize your finances or stir up feelings about a past relationship. A Sun-Mars opposition occurring now can force a confrontation, or it can put the spotlight on opposing forces related to money, possessions, debts, and ownership. Try not to feel threatened by others’ assertion of their desires. Aim to take a lesson from any issues that may become inflamed now. There is also beautiful energy tied into this eclipse related to studies as well as personal interests and projects that are not only absorbing but that have the potential to transform your life. Talking with someone who shares similar values can be rewarding now.



July 2018 Monthly Horoscope Summary for Leo: While you are in strong demand this month, dear Leo, your inner world is especially important to you in July, and a part of you is likely to remain a little reserved or withdrawn. Interestingly, Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on the 26th, giving you even more reason to reflect and rest rather than push big decisions. Around the same time, though, the Sun moves into your sign and lights up your world. If others are misunderstanding you in the last week of July, you may very well find new ways of expressing yourself that can be especially satisfying.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th reinforces a need to look within. If you have resisted taking time for reflection or dealing with the past, this eclipse will prompt you to take charge. The Sun moves into your sign on the 23rd, and while you begin to get even more attention, you’re nevertheless still likely to feel hesitant to throw yourself into new situations. The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th brings epiphanies to your personal life and sudden awareness of relationship needs.

July is important for seeking out a balance between doing and resting, and slowing down can, in fact, benefit you. You’ll have opportunities to rise above small problems and gain a sense of peace with the past. You feel at your best now when you let go of frustration or anger, and when you forgive. In fact, it motivates you to be a better person. There can be opportunities to build your faith in yourself and life, in general. Behind-the-scenes matters tend to go very well for you.

There continues to be a strong focus on the past, healing, processing, and digesting, although you seem to come out of yourself as the month advances. From the 10th forward, there can be renewed relationships with loved ones, and projects around the home can resume. Motivation to make happy changes in your domestic life increases now and in the next several months.

Still, there can be some tensions related to pressures related to routines, work, or health. You may feel a lot of pressure to get things done, even if your heart isn’t in it or you are not feeling up to par emotionally and physically, challenging your desire to unwind and relax. You want to do it all, and you can be afraid you’re missing out! Finding a balance is essential. As well, Mars is retrograde in your partnership sector all month. There can be times when others may seem invasive, or you could be annoyed by someone who doesn’t seem to know what they want or is frequently changing their mind.

From the 9th, you’re in particularly good shape for making yourself more comfortable and enjoying yourself. For the most part, your judgment is fabulous for the value of things, and you might enjoy a good buy now. Particularly around the 21-22, there can be welcome money news. You might appreciate a reconciliation or a clarification that brings you closer to someone you love. Gifts could come in, or others seem to be unusually generous with you, and they might even be doting! Domestic security, support, and stability can be important priorities in your life this month. You may be going out of your way to make sure that people you love are feeling content, protected, and wanted, too. Increases in income are also possible now.

On the 22nd, a month-long cycle kicks off in which personal influence is strong and personal plans are on the front burner.

The spirit to create and build is strong in you this month, although there may be some discouragement about reaching your goals, perhaps due to problems gaining others’ support or securing enough funds to move forward, particularly around the 24th.Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on the 25th and will be retrograde until August 19th. Throughout this period, Mars is retrograde in your opposite sign, and a slowed-down, less aggressive approach will serve you best. Mercury in your sign all month does keep you busy and engaged, although sometimes you can feel a little wired. The retrograde period may help you slow down.

A total Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 27th and can be a reminder of others’ needs and perhaps a rather abrupt one. This is because the eclipse aligns with retrograde Mars and the relatively rare Sun-Mars opposition occurs at the same time, pitting will against desire. You may need to take a look at the hard issues in a partnership so that you can later take action to make some crucial changes. For now, sudden moves are not advised. Another influence tied in with this eclipse is excellent for work and money matters, however. Focusing on getting your practical priorities straight can be highly rewarding and even transformative now and in the coming weeks.



July 2018 Virgo Monthly Horoscope Summary: This is a strong month for your social life, dear Virgo, even if there are some complications to manage. Relationships, in general, are in focus, and for the most part, people are helpful and supportive of you. From the 9th, lovely Venus is in your sign, forming some extra-special aspects, boosting your appeal further as well as your opportunities to enjoy yourself.

Eclipses this month pull up important themes revolving around friendships, group connections, long-term goals, and short-term routines. The total Lunar Eclipse near the end of the month gives you a push to take better care of health, routines, and work. While you’re enjoying more prosperity in your social life, and the Solar Eclipse on the 12th brings a charge of energy to same, this month there may be some concerns, guilt, or confusion that needs to be addressed. This can involve a romance, a personal project or goal, or children. Some of you may have been pursuing a project on your own, and this month, you may realize that you’d benefit most either by giving up a current project or goal, or accepting that you’d be better off enlisting help. The change is likely to be an empowering one, even if there is some resistance at first!

You can feel especially confident about a particular goal or idea now. It can also be a nice time for enjoying your studies or special interest. Others might reinforce or add to your ideas in pleasant ways. The Solar Eclipse on the 12th can herald new beginnings related to friends, group associations, and important ideas and dreams.

There can be good opportunities for conversations particularly about past matters, resolving problems, forgiving, connecting, and giving others the benefit of the doubt. There are also treasures to be found in old projects, studies, and interests. Rethinking some details of recent plans can work to your benefit in the long run, especially afterMercury turns retrograde on the 25/26. From the 26th forward, though, it’s important not to begin brand-new endeavors.

You may be a little fearful of changes or tense about recent developments, and you may be dealing with looming deadlines, health concerns, or scheduling issues. You might also have a strong feeling that work and daily routines are weighing you down when you’d much rather take part in more free-form activities. You might be feeling under-valued, particularly when it comes to work or the contribution you make on a daily basis — the “unseen” things that you do. Tricky problems related to your daily routines or work, or possibly a recurring health matter, can be in focus at times in July.

Friendships and love relationships can be in conflict or competition at times this month. Or, tensions about a relationship can cut into your enjoyment of other things, people, and experiences. You may need to ease off a tendency to micromanage or over-control specific areas of life that are interfering with your growth.

From the 10th forward, motivation to pursue personal interests or studies increases, and this will get even better in the next several months. Family matters can turn a corner as well. You may return to old or abandoned dreams and plans with new excitement.

Your personal appeal and enjoyment increase wonderfully around the 13-14 and 21-22, especially. Your loyalty, reliability, and perseverance are shining now, and people find you particularly attractive for your wisdom and support. This is also a good time to apply yourself to creative work. You may be receiving compliments, gifts, and other fun feedback. There is beautiful natural confidence and contentment in you now that attracts admirers (even more so than usual) as well as favorable circumstances and opportunities into your life. This can be an excellent time for settling differences with others or enhancing relationships that are already sailing along. Particularly around the 24th, however, watch for boundary issues. You may have convinced yourself that someone else’s needs are what you want, too, but this may not be the case! Before you can draw boundaries with others, you have to know them, so do take the time to understand your own, true needs, as you can be so adept at taking care of others that you forget to take good care of yourself.

A month-long cycle in which some form of retreat is helpful kicks off on the 22/23 when the Sun moves into your privacy sector. This is a good time to take things a little easier, enjoy some peace, and reflect on your year. Reinforcing this need is Mercury’s retrograde turn on the 25th. Mercury is your ruler and currently transiting your privacy sector, as well. The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th brings sudden awareness of something that’s not working in the world of your work, daily routines, or health, or the need to make adjustments and meet deadlines.



Libra Monthly Horoscope Summary for July 2018: You have strong influences with you this month encouraging you to reach for the stars and pursue your goals, dear Libra, although it should be kept in mind that July as a whole is not ideal for brand-new endeavors. Taking a second look at past ideas or projects can be particularly rewarding now, or you could find a lot to love with current ventures. You can enjoy quite a bit of enthusiasm about a project, business, or financial matter this month, and hurdles seem smaller as a result! The key to success now seems more about building what you have than taking on new enterprises. Fortunately, you’re incredibly resourceful now.

You are building your confidence in your natural talents, and others are responding well. Many strong influences are occurring in your chart that point to an increased commitment to realizing success, more determination, increased ambition, and the need for more structure and order in your life. These things are helped along with the Solar Eclipse on the 12th. Whatever your particular definition of success, you are seeking it more heartily in July. You might enjoy referrals or other forms of reward and recognition or support.

Past projects or goals may deserve — or require — a second look. There are treasures to be found in the past, but you’ll likely need to approach them in new ways to get them off the ground this time around. Old approaches might be revived now. From the 10th forward, business and financial matters can turn a corner as Jupiter turns direct. Interest and motivation are renewed in certain projects and endeavors, and you feel more confident about pursuing your interests. Feeling content with what you have on financial and relationship levels invites good judgment and patience that lead to success around the 13-14.

From the 9th forward, you have Venus moving through your privacy sector and connecting well with several planets. You’re likely to enjoy some extra private time or rejuvenating activities that help you heal. You may very well break out of an emotional rut or pattern in inspired ways now, as you tend to come at things from a new angle, and perhaps even release a burdensome secret or decide to let go of an attachment that has been dragging you down. Particularly around the 13-14 and 21-22, you’re in a strong position to unblock and decompress. This can be about doing something you genuinely enjoy or resolving to put an issue that has been blocking a relationship or stopping up your emotions behind you.

While there is strong energy pushing you to succeed and fueling ambitions, you have heavyweights Saturn and Pluto tugging at you periodically in July, complicating emotions but also bringing greater punch to your need to purge and release. If you’ve felt that others are attempting to pull your strings, you’ll want to correct the situation with the epiphanies and events of these periods. Try not to resist, fear, or avoid change, which can stir up more problems. Identify where you’ve been overly attached and consider ways to dump unnecessary burdens in your life. This is an excellent time to clean up your life in fundamental ways, particularly around the home. Clearing away problems on the home front can be precisely what you need to succeed elsewhere.

The Sun moving into your solar eleventh house on the 22nd brings new energy into your life that pulls your attention to happiness goals, friendships, and networking for the coming month.

You have Mercury in your friend sector all month, inspiring your connections and communications with others. Mercury does clash with retrograde Mars on the 4-5 and turns retrograde itself on the 25/26, however. There can be some drama with friends, a love interest, or child who may be acting out or hard to understand. There can be distancing in a current friendship or the re-emergence of an old friendship. Try not to take disagreements personally and find ways to set your own pace rather than rely on others, who may not be moving at the right speed for your liking for the time being.

The last week of the month can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride both professionally and personally. The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th opens your eyes to your feelings for someone or a current creative project. This eclipse aligns with retrograde Mars, though, and this can bring a social or romantic issue to emotional heights. A frustrating matter from your past can emerge but can be very revealing, and you might begin to figure out the root of recent aggravations. Tensions now can come from pushing something that shouldn’t be accelerated. Matters are inflamed now, but this brings them firmly to your attention. The effects of this eclipse last many months. Epiphanies occurring now are meant to push you forward along a more authentic path. Also tied to this eclipse is an influence that boosts your emotional state and family life. Focusing on home and family projects can be extremely rewarding now.



Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Summary for July 2018: July is an important month for opening your mind and heart to new ideas, dear Scorpio, as well as for finding more meaning in your life. This is a time to explore beyond your usual bounds. A Solar Eclipse on the 12th nudges you to move out and about, particularly on mental levels, but also through new experiences, people, and places, and Jupiter’s direct motion just two days earlier reinforces your confidence to do so. Friendships are in particularly good fortune this month, with opportunities to enjoy yourself more plentiful than usual.

Watch for slowdowns or miscommunications this month, however, particularly on the job and on the domestic front. Even so, don’t pass up on opportunities to redo, review, and strengthen plans and projects – save brand new beginnings for September or beyond.

There can be a strong focus on learning, sharing ideas, publishing, and venturing out beyond your usual bounds this month. While Mercury is retrograde from the 25th forward, and Mars is as well (all month), you have many reasons to be hopeful and frequently enjoy moments when your spirits rise. You’re in good shape for editing and revising, returning to old interests and studies, work on projects you aim to publish, creative works, and partnerships. You may be revisiting old relationships, perhaps only in the mind, and ideally learning from past regrets. You may regain confidence in old plans, ideas, and projects now. In fact, there are treasures to be found in works-in-progress that you may have left behind. However, to make them succeed in the future, you need to approach them in new ways.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th ushers in good energy for recommitting to plans and projects, as well as for new resolutions to explore, grow, and expand beyond the regular experiences of your life. Romantic possibilities can involve a new location or a person with a very different background than you or possibly including a long-lost friend. Jupiter in your sign turns direct on the 10th, and while July and August are generally slow-moving, you’re getting your mojo back a little faster than most of the other signs! You are looking at the world around you, yourself, and situations with building confidence and positivity. People see you in a particularly favorable light, and you may feel inspired by a special topic, piece of news, or promising opportunity. It’s a good time to get noticed in positive ways — people want to be around you and catch some of the good vibes. Bringing new and inspired energy to an old venture or even a relationship can be particularly fruitful.

The main areas of tension this month seem to relate to home life, family, studies, transportation, and work-life balance. Watch how you express yourself if you’re feeling stressed, particularly around the 4-5, 15th, and 25-26 when rash commentary or actions can be memorable. Impatience can be costly. Balancing your personal and professional lives can be tricky at times now. There may often be moments in July that seem to pit your desire for new experiences against your attachment to your routines. Consider, however, that you may be limiting your growth by sticking too closely to your habits, neighborhood, or home. Watch for so much attention to current projects that you’re not branching out and learning anything new.

Venus transits your solar eleventh house from the 10th forward and connects exceptionally well with other planets, especially on the 11-14, 21-22, and 27th. Shared activities can be especially productive. You can learn something of great value through your networking and studies. It can be an excellent time for personal appeal, friendships, networking, and enjoyable activities. Others are likely to be more gracious and generous with you than usual. Improvements to your life tend to come from your acceptance of yourself.

You are more visible than usual with the Sun moving to the top of your solar chart from the 22nd forward. Keep in mind that Mercury retrogrades in this same sector starting on the 25-26, and while your ambitions are healthy, you may need to look back before moving ahead.

The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th brings an epiphany about your domestic or personal life that pushes you to make essential changes. This eclipse aligns with retrograde Mars, and challenging family or home life issues could emerge now. Pay close attention to any emotional slush, anger, or resentment that surfaces now, as it may help you understand some of the tension that has recently been with you. The good news is that whatever emerges now is in full view and this begins the process of working things out. A Venus-Pluto influence tied into this eclipse is powerful for personal transformation through current projects, friendships, and connections.



July 2018 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Summary: More often than not, you’re drawn into your inner world this month, dear Sagittarius, and you’re in excellent shape for making internal changes that can have an influential impact on your life. Shared finances, loans, support, intimate relationships, and profound personal changes are in strong focus much of the month, and to some degree, in the coming six months, with the potential range of the energies of the Solar Eclipse occurring on the 12th.

There is continued emphasis on deeper, more meaningful relationships with others in July. It’s also a powerful time to get into deeper touch with yourself, inner desires, fears, addictions, and vulnerabilities. If there are any insecurities about your ability to stand on your own financially, they are likely to emerge in July. However, don’t let insecurities hold you back from enjoying your life and your relationships. This is a time for working through your issues.

The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th can bring a learning or transportation matter to a head, and a turning point in your life. Even so, you may need to rework things before pushing a project forward with Mars retrograde all month and most of August.

Because Jupiter is your ruler, as it begins its slow but sure movement in direct motion starting on the 10th, your confidence and faith build. You become clearer about what you want, and by extension, the signals you give off to others are more effective. You are nevertheless in a development stage as Jupiter continues to transit your privacy sector until November when this happy planet will enter your own sign. The need for some privacy and downtime is natural now as you prepare for more outgoing and visible times. Jupiter’s direct motion can help you let go of resentment and challenging problems of the past.

Nevertheless, in a general sense, you are encouraged to slow down and possibly back up in some areas of life this month with Mars retrograde all month and Mercury from the 25-26. You may tune in to this pace faster than most zodiac signs with the help of the concentration of planetary energy in your succedent and cadent houses, including your planetary ruler, as you’re naturally inclined to adjust, build, and observe in July. The trick now is to avoid pushing things that need some more time. Brand-new endeavors may not get off the ground, but work in progress can benefit significantly from your attention now.

There is plenty of planetary support for your ruminations and discoveries, including a Solar Eclipse and a grand trine involving Jupiter and Neptune. Things, ideas, and people tend to surface from your past and draw your attention back to projects and endeavors that might benefit from a new perspective. There can be a healing process going on now, and you are building your faith. Self-improvement endeavors are highly favored, and so are activities that help you unburden. You can feel quite inspired, and family, an intimate relationship, or domestic matters may be integral to this feeling.

You’re in excellent shape for researching and editing. There may be a need to pay stronger attention to what you owe. You may be feeling particularly confident along emotional lines and regarding your private feelings and needs. It becomes far easier to resolve emotional dilemmas or predicaments, or, if not fix, find peace with your problems. You might decide to share a burden, secret, or problem with a trusted someone, or find some other form of satisfying release for issues that have been weighing heavily on you. Intimacy can blossom in July. Your tendency now is to see the hidden layers or elements of a situation to your advantage, as now you know how to work out a problem from the inside out.

Beautiful aspects are connecting Venus in your career and life path sector with your sectors of work, health, routines, wisdom, and finances, setting up valuable opportunities to improve your life, particularly in these areas. You’ll also more easily find satisfying channels for expressing yourself and pursuing your goals. You’re seeking more order and clarity in your practical affairs. You are also projecting your value and worth in effective ways to associates and those in authority, and this can positively impact your income, if not now, down the road. You are selling yourself in your career this month, and you have particular influence with others on professional levels. You’re drawn to experiences that help reinforce your feelings of faith in a person, your talents, or a cause. Others tend to put their confidence in you, and you are motivated to reinforce their favorable opinion of you.

Potential areas of tension in July tend to relate to communications, transportation, and personal finance or issues of respect. Especially on the 4-5 and 25-26, avoid jumping to express yourself if you’re already tense, as much as you might feel the need to speak. Frustrations with errands, paperwork, and other daily life activities can figure strongly. Also, there can be some challenges in relationships or sudden awareness of something that you’ve laid to rest and now need to face. Money matters or power dynamics are probably the hottest topics. Do watch for times when you’re so busy that you fall out of touch with your real needs and wants. Disappointments felt with family or career are best viewed as opportunities to grow as they may very well redirect you to healthier pursuits.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 25/26, suggesting further slowdowns, and then a total Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 27th. This eclipse can be a little tricky with the Sun and retrograde Mars in opposition at the same time. Disorder in your daily affairs, as well as with communications and transportation, can be disruptive now. Watch for impatience that can lead you to trip over yourself. Minor issues can be the trigger, but major issues may be at the root. Consciously try to slow down and to tame your desires, which can seem very immediate and urgent now, but may lose relevance and importance later on. Watch what you communicate at this time.

Fortunately, you have a lovely Venus-Pluto trine making a more significant than usual impact at the time of the eclipse. For you, this suggests that pouring your heart and passion into a work or money-making project can be especially rewarding and successful.



Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Overview for July 2018:Relationships are in strong focus this month, dear Capricorn, and you’re getting a big chance for a new beginning. A Solar Eclipse occurs in your partnership house on the 12th, prompting you to think about relationship lacks and needs and helping to wipe the slate clean for starting fresh. Sorting out problems and enjoying special moments with people in your life are satisfying activities in their own right, but can positively impact many different life departments as well. Jupiter’s direct turn this month stimulates increasing resolve, which you can use to your advantage to improve your social life and connections to groups and causes.

A revelation about financial matters can emerge in the last week of July. This can also be about your ability to fend for yourself or to support yourself. Changes in income sources may be part of this package, and with Mercury retrograde in your solar eighth at the same time, there could be a dilemma or delay that prompts you to find new ways of bringing in money. Fortunately, you have some prospects, and you can be especially inventive with your practical affairs. However, it’s best to look to works already in progress or old projects and ideas to rework than to begin anything brand new.

Mercury is retrograde from the 25th forward in your intimacy sector, and Mars is retrograde all month, so there can be some complications and challenges to overcome, but overall, this is a good time for exploring feelings and attitudes. The eclipse on the 12th tends to get the ball rolling, but most of the first three weeks of July are nevertheless strong for redefining relationships and relationship needs. Willingness to let someone else take the stage opens up new levels in personal relationships right now, which have a chance to grow. Partnering or teaming up can bring more significant rewards. You are inspiring more trust and compassion is highlighted. Editing and revising are also strongly favored this month.

Jupiter’s direct motion on the 10th contributes to hopefulness about your friendships as well as long-term plans. Essentially, it’s bringing your social life to life! This will be more obvious in coming months, but for now, you’re finding increasing joy in connecting. More and more, group activities and associations reveal themselves as avenues for fulfilling your own goals.

Possible tensions in July tend to revolve around matters of independence, respect, money, and sharing. How a partner is treating you or spending money can be a point of frustration. Try your best not to attempt to mastermind a situation having to do with people and emotions, as Pluto and Saturn in your sign can seem to tempt to you to do.

From the 9th forward, you have Venus moving in harmony with your sign and forming exceptionally harmonious aspects. You’re in excellent shape for showing your worth and integrity without having to go to lengths to prove yourself. There can be a special enjoyment of studies, learning, sharing ideas, travel, and other forms of adventure, however big or small. Networks or friendships can be rich sources of inspiration.

July is excellent, in fact, for connecting with others in affirming, positive, and helpful ways. It’s an excellent time to enjoy cultural or social events, trips, and educational entertainment. Studies can be fun, and you’re drawn to people who are genuine, generous, and honest, and who enjoy similar ideas and interests as you. Most of all now, others are drawn to you with attractive Venus in harmony with your sign and ruler, Saturn.

With Mercury’s retrograde turn in your financial and intimacy sector on the 25th, you would do well to go over old documents or clear up old problems before pushing forward with new projects. There may be delays to deal with, but if so, they’re likely to be blessings in disguise.

The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th can bring revelations and possible conflicts to the foreground. Money matters can be a big theme now. There can be a tug of war going on with someone (or within yourself) over money, possessions, and matters of control. Whatever emerges now can force a needed change. A Venus-Pluto trine connected with this eclipse suggests a passionate pursuit or interest can be transformative and rewarding now and in coming months.



July 2018 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Summary: Nudges to take charge of your work, routines, or health are in focus this month, dear Aquarius. A Solar Eclipse occurs in your sector of self-care programs, daily routines, and work on the 12th, allowing you to wipe the slate clean and start anew. As a result, you have all the motivation you need to make essential changes, and this can be about reorganizing your life, eating and exercising better, managing your time more productively, and working on the details of work, projects, and plans. Committed relationships may be a little distant or complicated from the 26th forward. Your public image begins to elevate as Jupiter turns direct at the top of your solar chart this month, and the work you do now can help improve this opportunity.

Sound energy is with you for solving a work problem or straightening out misconceptions regarding your chores, health, and duties in July. There can be a project, plan, or goal from your past that you’re excited about reviving. Others are seeing your work or services in an especially favorable light. You enjoy helping others, and people tend to be grateful for it. You’re enjoying activities and projects that bring intrinsic rewards.

Attempting to push ahead new initiatives is not advised for now with Mars retrograde in your sign all month. Mars will be retrograde until August 27th, in fact, although it will leave your sign mid-August. This is a time for handling details that may have been missed in the past, reorganizing, clearing up clutter, and attempting to bring more or better structure to your daily life.

With Jupiter’s direct motion from the 10th, you are easing back into a power period for work, recognition, and promotion that lasts until November. Professional and reputation matters gain clarity, slowly but surely. Although it can take a bit of time to get back on track, you are likely to see gradual improvements in these areas. Motivation to pursue a particular course or path, and possibly a business venture, increases in the coming months. While this month and the next are not ideal for new beginnings, you can make significant headway in business or other projects already in progress.

Tensions this month tend to relate to a frustrated drive for independence, slowdowns in communications, and relationship ambiguities. Mercury is in your partnership sector all month, and this suggests you seem to need others’ input to jumpstart your own thinking. From the 25th, Mercury is retrograde in this sector, however, and with Mars in your sign and retrograde, you may very well reach an impasse with a significant someone or experience other forms of misunderstandings or delays. Especially around the 4-5 and 25-26, watch for impatient communications and a self-destructive way of shooting yourself in the foot. Also this month, you could be wrestling with something from the past or insecurities that undermine your performance, which results in occasional choppiness.

From the 9th, you have Venus in your solar eighth house forming especially supportive aspects, however, and you can be especially motivated or enthusiastic about research, a relationship, or passion projects. People are intrigued with you and drawn to you. Someone might entrust you with a secret or show their trust in you in other ways. You might want to take the time to go over financial matters if you can, as your judgment is excellent. Bonding happens less through what’s said and more through friendly gestures, goodwill, and generosity of spirit. This can be a good time for inspiring faith in your relationships and for coming to peaceful agreements about money, power, and sharing with a partner, ex-partner, creditor, or debtor.

The Sun moves into your partnership sector on the 23rd, and your social life assumes more importance to you. Just two days later, Mercury turns retrograde in this same sector, and things may seem slow in the relationship department.

The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th occurs in your sign and can bring big epiphanies. This eclipse may serve as a cosmic push to change gears in a relationship or to get in touch with your relationship needs. Your true feelings about someone or a matter can emerge powerfully now. It can be a tricky time, however, as the eclipse aligns with retrograde Mars in your sign. There can be difficulties keeping your cool, or you may be feeling blocked and at a loss about how to go about pursuing your desires or fulfilling your wishes for the time being. You can discover strong feelings and desires now that urge you to make changes. Avoid pushing matters, but pay attention to strong emotions that emerge now.

A Venus-Pluto aspect occurs at the time of the eclipse, serving to increase its impact and influence, and fortunately, it’s an excellent aspect for exciting your interest and passion in a project or relationship. A consuming but pleasant endeavor can be motivating and rewarding now.



July 2018 Pisces Horoscope Summary: Relating and creating are big themes for you in July, dear Pisces. This is a strong month for exploring creative urges, as well as for sharing your affection, joy, and experiences with others, as you seem to feed off others’ responses. Reconnecting with old passions and hobbies can be in strong focus. A Solar Eclipse occurs in your enjoyment and self-expression sector on the 12th, bringing increased power to areas ruled by this sector, including romance, creativity, hobbies, entertainment, children, and pleasure. You gain more confidence and energy to go after your heart’s desire as well as share and express yourself more freely.

You may be finding new ways to express and enjoy yourself that take you away from certain friends, networks, or groups, or the pressures of a long-term dream or plan or friendship can be strong at times. Some people could be letting you down now. If you’ve been holding on too tightly to people or projects that have been keeping you from expressing your true self, you’ll be feeling the restriction and looking for ways to make changes, and expressing yourself creatively is in focus. As well, if you’ve been ignoring your needs for rest and reflection, you could be feeling especially drained and sensitive around the total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th.

While there are excellent aspects for relationships this month, Mars is retrograde all month and most of next, and slowing down, in general, is vital. This is a time for patience – working on building lasting connections and projects is highly favored. Brand-new endeavors may not get off the ground.

There are some inspiring aspects for the building of motivation and enthusiasm in July, particularly on creative or romantic lines. It’s a good time for sharing ideas with others, rediscovering old interests and possibly even old romances or friendships, and for reviving or editing creative and publishing projects. Your outlook is especially constructive and optimistic, and your goodwill can attract the support, confidence, and cooperation of others. You express yourself comfortably and creatively. There can be a feeling of flowing with, rather than against, the people around you when the Sun in your creative sector forms a grand trine with your rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, from the 4-8. This can be a wonderful time for hobbies and leisure activities.

From the 10th forward, Jupiter turns direct in your solar ninth house after several months of retrograde motion, and you can experience an increase in motivation to pursue your studies, travels, and interests. You may be itching to develop skills. Matters related to publishing, higher education, law, and travel can turn a corner and are in strong favor once again until November when Jupiter will move to the top of your solar chart. Brush up on your skills and make connections until then.

Tensions for you this month tend to revolve around work-rest balance, emotional health needs, and friendships or collaborations. Stress related to work, duties, and service can be an issue. This is not an ideal time for gaining an edge in your job, as you are likely to feel that if you push too hard, you wind up at square one, or worse. Develop strategies for reducing stress or dealing with problem areas so that they don’t fester.

From the 9th, Venus transits your partnership sector, forming especially sweet aspects and bringing opportunities for special enjoyment with a partner or close friend, as well as any other one-to-one connections. Particularly around the 11-12, 13-14, 21-22, and 27, you are in excellent shape for partnering up. You might enjoy an exceptional sense of stability and faithfulness in love and friendship. There is also a spirit of happiness, graciousness, and optimism in your relationships, attitude, and beliefs. Your generosity and openness endear you to others, and people return the favor. Good relations extend to fellow students, your audience if you publish, or a counselor now. Sharing ideas, plans, and visions with someone you care about can be particularly enjoyable. Promotional efforts can bring substantial rewards.

The 23rd brings the Sun into your work and health sector, stimulating extra attention to the functional side of your life. It’s a good time for getting details sorted. Even so,Mercury turns retrograde on the 25/26 in the same sector, and there can be some delays or backing up to do now.

The total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th can pull up strong intuition. This eclipse occurs in alignment with retrograde Mars and can push troubled areas to the foreground for your attention. Desires and feelings are intense now. Restlessness with your current routines can be stimulated. Focus on doing your best instead of allowing a lack of direction to interfere with productivity. In time, direction and purpose will reveal themselves! Tame impatience, which can lead to messy situations. At the time of the eclipse, a Venus-Pluto aspect occurs that points you to a passion project or relationship that can motivate you to make essential changes. Support or inspiration from special people in your life can be wonderful at this time.


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