A Thought for Today

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Welcome home Lady A. Happy and grateful does not begin to cover you being brought home to us again. I and O know of many others who have missed you greatly and are ecstatic you are in good enough health again to be among us.

With all our my love sister,

Lady B

and the rest of your witchy family



One thought on “A Thought for Today

  1. Thank you, sis. You don’t know how good it is to be home, finally! I have missed you. Not hearing from you, wondering how you were doing. Everything isn’t totally cleared up but they finally found something to build my blood up and maybe (keep your fingers crossed) and maybe I am on the road to recovery. At least now there is no guessing what the problem is, one good ting. They know what they are treating and I have to admit I do feel better. Now my days and nights are all screwed up. You know they come in all night long to wake you and do this and do that. Well I am now staying up practically all night long and cat nap during the day. I saw that you called this morning at 3. I figured you didn’t want me to return your phone call at that time of morning, lol! I get tired easily and considering there was no food in the house when I got back, we went to the store. After that I was wiped out but my strength is starting to come back. We had just got back from there when Lord M saw you had called the first time. The next thing I was out like a light. Thank you for the welcome back. I missed te heci out of you.
    Love ya,


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