List of the Most Used Goddess in Witchcraft

Aphrodite: Greek – Goddess of love, consort of Adonis.

Aradia: Italian – Queen and teacher of the Witches. 

Arianrhod: Welsh – Goddess of reincarnation.

Artemis: Greek & Roman – Goddess of the Moon, twin sister of Apollo. 

Astarte: Greek – Goddess of fertility.

Athena: Greek – Warrior Goddess.

Bast: Egyptian – Goddess of cats.

Brigid/Brid/Brigit: Celtic – Goddess of fertility and inspiration. 

Cerridwen: Welsh – Goddess of the Moon and of harvest. 

Cybele: Greek –  Goddess of natural caverns, worshipped on mountain tops. 

Demeter: Greek – Goddess of the fruitfulness of the Earth. 

Diana: Roman – Moon Goddess and Goddess of the hunt. 

Dryads, The: Greek – Female tree spirits.

Flora: Roman – Goddess of springtime.

Fortuna: Roman – Goddess of fate.

Freya: Scandinavian – Moon Goddess. Consort of Odin and Chief of The Valkyries.

Hathor: Egyptian – Sky Goddess, Protector of women.

Hecate: Greek – Moon Goddess, Goddess of the underworld, and Goddess of Magick. 

Hera: Greek – Goddess of marriage. Consort of Zeus.

Hestia: Greek – Goddess of hearth and home.

Inanna: Sumerian – Queen of Heaven.

Isis: Egyptian –  The triple Goddess (Maid, Mother, Crone). 

Kali: Hindu – Goddess of destruction and creation. Often called Kali-Ma (“the Back Mother”). Consort of Shiva.

Ma’at/Mayet: Egyptian – Goddess of justice, truth and the law.

Morhan: Celtic – Goddess of Water and Magick. 

Muses, The: Greek – Goddesses of inspiration and memory.

Nephthys: Egyptian – Goddess of Midwives. 

Norns, The: Celtic – Guardians of the sacred tree Yggdrasil. 

Nut: Egyptian – Sky Goddess. 

Persephone: Greek – Goddess of the underworld. 

Selene: Greek – Goddess of the Moon, 

Valkyries, The: Scandinavian – Women warriors who brought the souls of those slain in Valhala.

Venus: Roman – Goddess of love.

Vesta: Roman – Goddess of fire, both domestic and ritual.