This Week’s Tarot Card Reading: The Emperor

This Week’s Tarot Card Reading: The Emperor

Your weekly Tarot card advice for June 4-10, 2018


This week The Emperor gives you a jolt of confidence. This is great — you need it! We 4can’t have you sliding back into a place of doubt when there is so much to be done with this month’s gift of a renewed sense of purpose. So how might this Emperor energy manifest for you this week? Well, most obviously, knowing what you want gives you so much more conviction and drive to act. When you have vision and feel more in control of your circumstances, little bumps in the road are easier to dismiss along the way because you can see past them to the bigger picture.

Just remember that with this kind of authority comes responsibility. When you are in charge, be careful about how you treat other people. Yes, they are a part of your story, in a way, but they are all living their own missions, too. A good leader doesn’t rule over others. A good leader negotiates, collaborates, practices compassion, and finds solutions that fit everyone’s needs. This can apply in both career and personal settings. Use your newfound power to inspire and encourage others to be their best selves, then use that collective energy to propel you forward into manifesting your visions. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

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    1. I would say great minds think alike but I would be giving myself too much credit after today. We will leave it to Fate!

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