It has been a while

There are times when you must let things go to care about those you love. I am sure you can all understand that. Lady A’s health took a turn for the worse. When that happened she became our number one priority. As you all know she has been diagnosised with diabetics. At first the medicine they prescribed for her was keeping her blood sugar under control. She did everything she was suppose to do monitoring it, eating, walking, everything. Unfortunately that was not enough. She went into a diabetic coma. She was in a coma for three days. She came out of the coma and so far no ill side effects have shown up. The doctors told us only time will tell.

The doctors are still trying to figure out a procedure to replacement the white blood platelets that are rapidly disappearing from her system. There are several options the doctors have come up with, one is to remove her spleen. Removing the spleen does not work well at all in other patients. The other is to put her on a risky drug that has a thousand side effects. It could increase the platelets, then again it can cause liver failure, lead to acute myelogenous leukemia or several more risk factors. The problem is the insurance will not pay for this drug and it is expensive.

As you probably already know, the store is down because a payment on one of Lady A’s credit cards did not clear. It was impossible for her to make since she was in a coma and we did not know it was due. We are trying to rebuild the store as fast as we can so we will not have to rely on donations to pay for Lady A’s treatments. Until that time, we need your help. I am not going to let my sister die and I will fight for her to the very end. If you love her like I love her then please give what you can. I do not like asking for donations but I am forced into this situation. Thank you for any amount you can give, it will be life saving.






I don’t know if it is me or not but it seems I have a hard time getting through to you, people. It is not about me, it is about Kit, Lady A. She needs the damn medicine or she is going to die, plain and simple.


2 thoughts on “It has been a while

  1. Dear LADY A,

    It is all about changing the elements in the body, belonging to a CHIP Health program or getting tips from Hallelujah Acres feeds that

    they got from paganism and Kellogg. There are books like Health Power by Eileen Ludington M.D. and Hans Diehl Dr.

    Remember those that wish you harm—Stay away from, no negativity, no curses, nor bad vibes be around you.

    The elements preform great alchemy for you, dear beloved soul.

    They is only good to you blessed be.

    Brian C Locke



    1. Jacob replied:
      Thank you for the advice, Brian. I will be sure to pass the information on to her when she is awake. Right now, she is in the ICU unit of the hospital. I have seen your name several times on the site. I have been wondering do you like to swim? I am sure you know why I ask that question. If so, it would be honor and privilege to talk to you right now. Maybe a good conversation is what I need considering everything going on. Mom would never let me ask the question and I have been curious the entire time. I will give mother your advice and well wishes.
      Thank you,


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