Your Weekly Tarot Card for May 7 thru May 13

*Note* Another one, we did fall down on the job. It was just released.


Weekly Tarot card for May 7-13
The Magician


One approach to the dilemma of this month’s theme card, the reversed World, is to use the intellect and the will of the Magician to solve problems. The Magician is a card of great skill — skill achieved through study and practice and executed with channeled energetic power. For those of you interested in the connections between Tarot and Astrology, this card is influenced by the planet Mercury, ruler of communication and translator of ideas into action. Through this connection, the quick-thinking Magician is an agent of change that can help us complete what we started in recent periods of adjustment. Just like the World card imagery in many Tarot decks, the Magician imagery includes aspects from all four realms of life, represented here by symbols of the four suits of the Tarot: mental (Swords), spiritual (Wands), emotional (Cups), and material (Pentacles). These are the tools of the Magician, wielded with practiced power and cleverness. The Magician’s dexterity is further emphasized in this image by his great number of arms that are busy at work, each one using a different tool simultaneously.

We saw the Magician as our final card of the December 2017 Tarot Reading, and it invited us then to set some goals for the coming year, 2018, which we are now nearly halfway through. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with this card and its useful forces.

Exercise for this week: Locating your tools

Take a moment to assess the tools/skills/strengths that you possess within those four symbolic realms which can aid you on your journey to completion:

What is your Sword?
What is your Wand?
What is your Cup?
What is your Pentacle?


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