The Son of Llech y Derwydd and the Fairies


The next Fairy tale that I shall give akin to the preceding stories is to be found in “Y Brython”, vol. iii., pp. 459-60.  The writer of the tale was the Rev. Benjamin Williams, whose bardic name was Gwynionydd.  I do not know the source whence Mr. Williams derived the story, but most likely he obtained it from some aged person who firmly believed that the tale was a true record of what actually occurred.  In the “Brython” the tale is called: “Y Tylwyth Teg a Mab Llech y Derwydd,” and this title I will retain, merely translating it.  The introduction, however, I will not give, as it does not directly bear on the subject now under consideration.

The son of Llech y Derwydd was the only son of his parents and heir to the farm.  He was very dear to his father and mother, yea, he was as the very light of their eyes.  The son and the head servant man were bosom friends, they were like two brothers, or rather twins.  As they were such close friends the farmer’s wife was in the habit of clothing them exactly alike.  The two friends fell in love with two young handsome women who were highly respected in the neighbor-hood.  This event gave the old people great satisfaction, and ere long the two couples were joined in holy wedlock, and great was the merry-making on the occasion.  The servant man obtained a convenient place to live in on the grounds of Llech y Derwydd.  About six months after the marriage of the son, he and the servant man went out to hunt.  The servant penetrated to a ravine filled with brushwood to look for game, and presently returned to his friend, but by the time he came back the son was nowhere to be seen.  He continued awhile looking about for his absent friend, shouting and whistling to attract his attention, but there was no answer to his calls…..Read More

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