I think I might need to explain myself…..

I meant to do this yesterday but I took a nap at the computer. It was in preparation for losing an hour’s sleep today, lmao! Yeah sure! I feel like I owe all of you and the sites we sponsor an explanation about The Commentary Gazette. All of a sudden posts from this site start coming across here, which is something we never done before. We are pushing it harder than any of our other sites ever. Well the truth is, that site belongs to one of our husband’s. He did not want us to tell anyone that but…..we have other sites and other feelings to take into consideration. I have had several ask me what’s up with that? Well now you know!


He had recently retired and was bored silly. He had no interests except a lot of information in that little brain of his (which was going to waste). He would play computer games all day long. His wife got fed up and asked me if I would see if I could get him interested in blogging. I asked him to come up with a site title just in case he might ever want a blog. He gave me the name, I designed the site and the rest is history. Blogging has brought him back to life. He now enjoys it and doesn’t seem depressed anymore. Now you know why we are pushing The Gazette so hard. We want it to succeed so he will keep his interest in it. I don’t feel bad about pushing it because I could see a change in him, myself. So if this works and he rejoins life, excellent. He is a smart man and to see him waste away, I couldn’t stand it myself.


Now you know why we are pushing The Gazette. He has some excellent information in that brain of his and he occasionally makes some very informative commentary. So if you get a moment, hop over and check it out.

Thank you,

Lady A




2 thoughts on “I think I might need to explain myself…..

  1. The warmth and the compassion that exudes from you is inspirational. This support … a true testimonial. May the Angels travel with your friend in all his efforts. Blessed be. L.


    1. It is lovely to see you this morning, Larry. Thank you so much for your very kind words. I am so glad you understand the situation. I have seen too many people who retire then they act like, well life’s over and lose interest in everything. That is a shame. An Elder has so much to offer and teach us. I just believe that as long as they are here, we should hear their stories and experiences and most of all learn from them. I am so grateful that he is enjoying the blog. I asked him last night if he was and he said yes he was. He told me he hated to say so but I was right and laughed. It is good to see him regain interest in life and come back to this wife. They are close friends and their happiness means a great deal to me. I am always willing to help those who need help. I believe people should think of the other person’s needs before their own. Perhaps if we did, the world might be a better place. Thank you again for you lovely comment. Have a very beautiful Monday & blessed week.
      Lady A


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