Voodoo/Hoodoo Oils & Potions

Oils and Potions


Voodoo Hoodoo not only utilizes roots & herbs for its spells, but also candles, oils, incense, floor washes, sprays, powders – pretty  much anything goes. Many spells are candle oriented for added power. The color of the candle is always in sync with the nature of the spell. By dressing (anointing) the candles with oils and rolled in powdered herbs, you’re in effect adding an enhancement to your candle of power thereby making it that much more precise in your working.
This spills the beans on some of the commonly used oils and potions in Voodoo hoodoo. You will need to know how to make these or you will need to buy them for many of the spells. Most traditional root workers make their own, although modernization of the practice along with internet access makes it easier for some folks to purchase what they need. Do whatever you want; there is no law that says you have to make your own. The advantage of making your own is that you know exactly what is in it and you can charge it yourself.
Many traditions of magic work with plant materials, and most assign some symbolic meanings or ascriptions to these ingredients. Many hoodoo and Voodoo spells require certain blends of oils and powders to accomplish a particular work or to enhance a spell. Always use a natural carrier oil to blend your magickal oils as unblended oils can burn the skin. You should only use a drop or two at a time on the skin. I use Grape Seed oil and almond oil for blending magickal oils, and Olive oil for blending holy oils. Jojoba oil is a good alternative because it won’t go rancid, although it is more expensive than the others. Mineral oil is good for negative works. You should always add tincture of Benzoin or Vitamin E oil to keep to any oils listed to keep them from going rancid.
Below you will find a list of carrier oils and their shelf life that can be used to make magickal anointing oils. This is important information when considering how often you will use the particular oil you make.
Grapeseed Oil
– Shelf life is approximately 3-6 months. Solvent extracted grapeseed oil has a shelf life of 9 months. Keep refrigerated.
Jojoba Oil
– Indefinite shelf life.
Mustard Seed
– Abyssinian Seed Oil
– Shelf life is approximately 18-24 months.
Olive Oil
– Shelf life is approximately 12 months to 18 months if stored properly in a cool dark place.
Sweet Almond Oil
– Shelf life is approximately 3-6 months is not refrigerated. If refrigerated, the shelf life can be increased to 12 months.