Lynette Has Up-Date Lady A’s Go Fund Me Page

Up-Date On Lady A

Magickal Necessities Is Still Open

Up Date December 28,2018

Kit is due to get out of the hospital within the next few days. She doesn’t even own a coat or a pair of shoes to keep her warm. We cannot imagine what it is like to lose everything you have but she can, she watched the nightmare unfold right in front of her. I just wanted to make her life a little easier when she did get out. I have this image in my mind of her leaning up against a tree, in extreme pain because the bone is stuck through her skin, in complete horror, all by herself watching everything she owned go up in the fire. Hoping and praying it was a horrible nightmare only to get out of the hospital and find out it was really, very real. She worked hard for everything she had. She never asked for hand outs. But she has to start over and she needs our help desperately. In the middle of winter and not even a coat to wear, I can’t imagine that.


The doctors also informed us that her left leg is in such a mess from the automobile wreck now jumping out the window to keep from burning to death, that she might be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She can stand and put some weight on it but to walk a distance is another story. Perhaps as time goes on she can use it or as medicine advances but right now it doesn’t look that good. The man who started the fire not only destroyed everything she owned but also took away her quality of life. Such a beautiful lady for this to happen too, it is a horrible tragedy.


If you can donate a little, please do so. If not, pass this on. Thank you.

 remain of Kit's Cabin
 This is the remains of Lady A’s home. The fire was deliberately set by a man who had been stalking her for months.


The Go Fund Me Page’s Link is


Please pass this one to as many people as possible


Magickal Necessities is still open and all proceeds from sales are going directly to this fund.


Thank you for your help and assistance.

kadeLady A’s beautiful little familiar. She calls him Kade. We call him flying Fido. She is seriously depressed and we are trying our best to cheer her up and get her mind off of things. But she tells us, when she is alone in the hospital all that is all she can think about. She can’t seem to get her mind off of it.

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