For Those Without PayPal & Wish to Send Cards or Cash to Lady A

It was called to my attention that some do not have PayPal. They wanted an address to send cards and cash donations to Lady A. I will post that in just a minute. I want you to know that I know there are good people in the WOTC. I know there are individuals here who care about and actually love Lady A as I do. If it wasn’t for these individuals the WOTC wouldn’t have survived for all these years. To those of you who have supported the WOTC and Lady A, I apologize. I made the comment just a minute ago to Marcia, I should have went through the past donations and purchases before I made my comment. That way I could have stated the names that my comments were not intended for. Again, I apologize to you and I seldom apologize.


I got my ass jumped by a few but I can take it as well as I can dish it out. The ones that jumped were the ones who had supported the WOTC. They were offended by my post but I told them it isn’t right for a handful of people to do it all. I hope they agreed with me. I have been around enough and have seen what has been going on. It seems to me that everyone else tells themselves, “oh well, I don’t have to do anything, the next person will.” Well that is not the case this time. There are thousands upon thousands of people in this group. For a handful of people to do it all, is pitiful. If it took my going off the deep end to wake them up, then I would gladly do it again and I probably will. Next time, I will just mention who my comment is not intended for.


I have one last comment then I will post the address to send cards too. Some of you have corresponded with Lady A and have become good friends with her.They will tell you like I am going to tell you, she is a warm, loving individual. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for you. Meeting her in person, you can feel the love her heart holds. You can help but automatically fall in love with her. She is like a delicate flower you want to care for, love and protect. I believe my anger is because I wasn’t here to protect her. In the past few months, we have been through a lot. We lost Mystie and now we had some meth head try to burn Lady A alive in her own home. After so much has been taken from you and almost taken, you do turn bitter. I go into a rage every time I go to the hospital and see what some son of a bitch done to our beautiful Lady. I get angry every time I hear her poor little dog cough from the smoke inhalation he suffered. Don’t judge me for my anger or my rage, you haven’t seen what I have seen. When you do, you can judge me.


The address to send your cards to is:


Attn: Kit

P. O. Box 331

Kevil, KY 42053



12 thoughts on “For Those Without PayPal & Wish to Send Cards or Cash to Lady A

  1. My heart and soul go out to Lady A. From first joining WOTC, our stories have paralleled. There are no coincidences. I will do my very best to help her. I was worried for her since first reading about strange noises and the “neighbor” peeping. I’m limited until the beginning of January but I can be counted on. I believe more people should be angered and quick to action over her plight. I was unaware of the terrible car accident. Oh my goodness. I try to comment on each article I read although my own health issues do not always allow me to. Please tell her she has a sister she didn’t know about in Pennsylvania!
    With Love, Light and Blessings,


  2. I always have trouble posting on this site.. more often than not, my posts don’t post.. but I’m going to try again.. I am mortified that my Precious Sister .. and yes.. she is.. I’ve known her for about 20 years now.. was so viciously attacked and then to read that she nearly gets killed in an arson fire.. I’m enraged and bouncing off the walls here. I’m relieved to read that the demented (I’m so upset I can’t think), a-shole that did this to her was caught.. This past year has seen her through more heartache pain and loss than ANY person should have to go through in a lifetime.. I’ve always kept her and her WOTC family in my daily chants.. daily I send healing, comfort, protection, strength, hugs and love energies.. and I have a candle lit for her/everyone helping her.. now that there’s an address available, I will see what I can do about mailing something to help her.. our finances are pretty strapped, but she’s important to me.. and my heart is just so shattered over this.. please.. let Lady A know that celtie loves her dearly.. that she is just SO loved.. dang I hope this time the posting works.. (((hugs)))


    1. I remember a Celtie but the last name escapes me from the WOTC’s old days on MSN. Are you her? 20 years, I believe you would have to be. It is finally good to see a familiar face or name should I say. I am old swampy witch, don’t know if you remember me or not but I remember you. I didn’t make many comments back then only on certain occasions. The WOTC was in its infancy and I didn’t want anything to impede its growth. Besides I wasn’t very computer savvy. I’m not bragging, I still am not very computer savvy. I am glad you are as enraged as I am. It seems these people here have no feeling one way or the other. I know you understand as I do, something happens to a beloved sister you do whatever you have to help her. People here don’t seem to care. You know as well as I know and have saw Lady A work her ass off for the WOTC. We have been with her for a very long time, we know what she has done perhaps that is it, these people don’t know. Maybe I judged them to quickly, maybe not. Either way, I am not apologizing for a damn thing I said. I meant every word of it. Lord of the Myst was the one who called me and let me know what had happened. I dropped everything and came straight to Kentucky. My rage was building the entire way. If they loved Lady A the way we do, they would feel the same. You apparently know about her wreck involving the drunk driver. He left side was put back together with rods, screws and pins. The doctor has already told us that her upper thigh bone was completely broken in to. He put her leg back the best he could. He said for her to heal properly she would need to take time and recover this time the way she was suppose too. Last time, I left to soon. I thought the ladies here would make sure she did what she was suppose to, I thought wrong. I believe the next day after I left, she was back sitting for hours at the computer serving these people here. It won’t happen this time. I wasn’t in the shape to stay the last time but this time I am. She won’t be back for a while. She will do as she is told or else we will be fighting continuously. Our problem is that we are too much alike. You know as well as I do, she appears to have a very easy going persona but that is not her true nature. She can be as mean as a pitbull if the need arises. Her love for her sisters is intense and there is nothing she wouldn’t do for you, if she like you. She always liked you. Your friendship meant much to her. I am glad to see you are still in her life. She needs more friends like you. The last time I heard her mention you, you were getting married I believe in a castle in England or some where overseas. I know she was overjoyed for you. She said you had finally found the happiness you deserved. I hope that is true. I will tell her you asked about her. I am going to the hospital this morning. The doctor is keeping her longer this time due to the fact she hasn’t never done what she was suppose in the past. I am glad you feel the rage I feel. Maybe you are truly the only one who can understand me here. It is good to see you again. Take care, friend.
      Old Swampy Witch

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      1. Greetings Eleanor, oh goodness, I didn’t expect a personal response.. and I’m no even sure if this will post for me, as I mentioned, I have trouble getting this site to accept my postings. When I saw that you had responded .. and that you were from the old MSN WOTC group, I wasn’t sure how the rest of your message was going to play out.. yes, I’m the same celtie.. then you’ll likely remember that nearly everyone on that group attacked me.. Kit and I were messaging eachother (about phoning eachother to chat) and someone in the group read the messages and flipped out.. anyway.. nothing Kit said would make them stop.. and I didn’t want her to feel she’d have to choose between our friendship over WOTC.. WOTC is her baby.. and yes I know how devoted she is. So I just bowed out.. but my bond with her is so .. I just love her so much.. the connection is genuine.. I can tell you that the way I was attacked completely stunned me.. I didn’t see it coming. Mystie and Lord Mist weren’t part of that.. but the others. It was ridiculous… and petty.. and just dumb.. Kit and I met on a different group.. I think it was called Gypsy’s Cauldron or something like that.. and we just hit it off from the start.. we had so much in common.. and we could talk about everything and anything.. the similarities between us .. just so amazing. Yes got married in England.. not in a castle.. in a medieval church.. built in the 1300’s.. with so much pagan architecture.. not the true love that I had expected but I’m trying to make it work.. I’m glad that you’re there to help Kit.. she needs REAL 24 hour constant care and watching.. I love her.. but she’s stubborn when she sets he mind to something.. you have a real challenge there.. I live in Canada. I’ve been sick and unable to get to the bank (to convert money to US funds) but as soon as I’m able, I’ll send what I can. It can’t be much .. but I hope it helps.. Now lets see if this will send.. and thank you.. Its nice to make a new friend..
        celtie (((hugs)))


      2. I can swear to you, I was not one of those attacking you. I remember the incident you speak of and I know who spear-headed it. I have been waiting for her to show up. Maybe she has but has changed her name since that time. I didn’t do much corresponding with other witches back then. I found out early that when I showed up people tended to leave or grow very silent and peace would resume. The person who started the attack on you was suppose to be a good friend of Kit’s. Suppose to be! I never cared for her at all. She was very jealous and very vindictive. I know she was jealous of any relationship or friendship Kit built back then. I did a lot of my work in the background. I saw what this person was doing and brewed up a mixture for Kit to see into. I wanted her to know what her best friend was really like. I remember Kit telling me she had talked to her on Facebook. After what Kit told me, that this person was no longer a witch but a psychic vampire and didn’t know how long she had been one, Kit didn’t want anything else to do with her. Maybe that gives you a clue to whom I am referring. I have people here tell me, witches are this, witches are that, telling me how witches are, that is a laugh. You and I should know how witches can act. They have not seen the things we have nor experienced them either. I believe if they had they would keep their mouths’ shut. Don’t you? I know Lord Myst always like you,. Mystie had her doubts about you till I showed her your true colors and she backed off. I don’t believe she ever personally attacked you though It was all crazy bullshit back then. Now I wonder if they were really witches or just wannabes. But that is neither here nor there, it is good to see an old name that I remember. I plan on staying when Kit gets out of the hospital. She is going to do like the doctors tell her this time or else I am going to break her broomstick. Everyone here seems to be afraid of her. I would imagine they have seen that Irish temper of hers come to the surface a time or two. I believe that is one of the reasons they let her go and do as she pleases. Mystie and the Lord were suppose to protect her so she could do her work. I have had words with him and he told me he couldn’t do a damn thing with Kit. He is in love and what do you expect, men. I would love to see any photos you have of the medieval church you got married in. I have never married nor do I intend too. That is not to say I have not had my male companions along the way because I have. But truthfully I have never found much use for men except to get in the ways of my ideas and dreams. Kit doesn’t speak of it but Frank and her eventually divorced. He took the house and stuck her in the cabin. She seemed happy in the cabin and I believe she was. She could be alone with her animals and that made her happy. Both of them are friendly toward each other but that is it. After the divorce, Lord Myst saw his opportunity to move in or so he thought. I told him he forgot what he was suppose to be doing and it wasn’t falling in love. I have been talked out of school. It is good to talk to you again after all these years. I hope to see more of you. The WordPress posting deal, I don’t know what to tell you. I hate this section they have given me. I am just now beginning to learn how to use it. Unfortunate for the witches here but good for us. I must leave and go to the hospital. I will tell Kit I talked to you.
        Darkest blessings,


      3. Greetings Eleanor.. yesterday and today we’ve had a lot of snowfall. We’re under a winter storm warning. It looks like a good 10-13 inches 🙂 I wasn’t thinking that you were one of the attackers.. and I have an idea of whom your referring to.. her name was associated with a bird. But I could be wrong.. since that incident, I actually ran across her again in another group .. we talked and she swore she was defending me.. I know differently.. I read the horrible postings.. hers was just as bad as the rest… but… that’s done.. I’ve moved on.. continued focussing on my Path.. learning, growing.. and just let it go.. I know Kit has a large following.. and I’m truly happy that she is so well loved.. I’m secure in our friendship… I lived in a cabin for a good year.. and it was pure bliss. I hope she can rebuild.. or find another.. regarding the church… I looked it up online. It’s Holy Trinity Church in Sutton Coldfield which is in England. There’s some pictures of inside/outside.. it was fascinating to see gravestones marked before 1600s.. I need to go.. I’m sending healing energies and love..


      4. Good morning, dear Celtie. I hope you aren’t disappointed but it is not Eleanor, it is the Lord. How are you doing dear lady? It is good to see you here and after all these years. Out of those who swore they were Lady A’s true friends, you are the only one who is still with her. I applaud you for that. Eleanor was right about you all those years ago. When the attacks were occurring and so many wanted Lady A to desert you, she showed Lady A your heart was pure and intent true. I remember you well. Lady A was so happy for you when she found out you were going to marry. She said you were finally getting the happiest you deserve. I have read your posts. Time changes all of us and our circumstances. Speaking as a man, I believe he still loves you or else he wouldn’t still be there. Men have a unusual way of showing their feelings. I know that for a fact. I have too numerous of regrets to even mention. One of my biggest was the last night Mystie was alive. We got into a heated argument and later that night we received the phone call what had happened. My argument with her was not out of hatred but out of love and concern. It did not come across that way. Lady A is still trying to convince me that Mystie knew I had only her concern at heart. Men say words and do things that come out one way but their intent is totally the other. Have faith. He loves you that I do believe. It is good to see you. Lady A is suppose to be out of the hospital sometimes this weekend. Eleanor has rented a house for them in the city. I don’t believe Lady A is ready to come back out here. You have to pass her cabin to get to the building. I don’t believe she needs to see that right now nor could handle it. I will tell her you are here. She has always considered you a sister. I know she will be glad to hear that.
        Lord M

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      5. Greetings Lord M.. of course I’m not disappointed that your responding.. 🙂 surprised.. yes… disappointed.. never.. I hope that Eleanor is alright.. she has her capable hands full with Kit.. it’s wonderful that she’s found a house for them. With the extent of those injuries, I’m stunned that she’d be getting out so soon. I myself have been awfully sick.. which is why I haven’t been to the bank yet.. I want to send Kit money (in a card) it won’t be a lot, but hoping it’ll help.. but I need to convert it to US funds.. Canadian money won’t do her any good. I’m hoping what I have will frekkin well pass.. it’s gone on far to long.. it looks though that she won’t get it before Christmas.. for that I’m sorry.. as for my husband.. I should of realized that he just wanted Canadian citizenship.. but we live together more as room mates.. he’s good to my mom.. my children and grandchildren.. anyway.. I’m so relieved that Kit has so many with her that truly love her and look out for her.. and I understand that you feel badly for the argument that you had with Mystie.. you DO realize that she knows you.. the type of man that you are.. and she knows that you truly cared about her and her well being.. she wouldn’t want you feeling guilty.. continue being the loving caring person that you are.. You said that I’m the only one still around mean from the MSN WOTC??? that can’t be right.. there has to be some of the members here.. she has a HUGE following.. anyway… please give Kit and Eleanor my love.. and thank you Lord M for your kind words.. (((hugs)))


      6. Greetings Celtie, I am fine. Thank you for asking. Lord M wouldn’t let me get the house I wanted. But we got a house and he is right, we aren’t going to be there forever. I believe Lord M has it planned for a demo team to come in sometime after the Christian holiday of Christmas. I know he said that the removal of what is left of the cabin, which isn’t much, shouldn’t take a few days. I made the suggestion that we go through the remains to see if anything is salvageable but Lord M said no. I am not use to being told no. I have been told no on the house I wanted. No on going through the remains of the burnt house to see if there was anything left Lady A might want. Lord M told me he had already went through it. I asked Jacob and he told me he didn’t know if he had or hadn’t. I might go down there this afternoon when it stops raining and see for myself. I haven’t been up close to the cabin yet. I have just seen it from a distance and it is heartbreaking. I think about all the fond memories that were made in Lady A’s home. Thinking of Mystie, Lady A , myself and a few others staying up all night doing rituals, talking, just having a good time. Now it is all gone. You don’t realize how many memories a home can hold for you till it is gone. Lady A’s home held a lot of memories for me. That is probably why I haven’t been close to it yet. I know just looking at it, it is amazing she got out of it. If it hadn’t been for that upper window, she would have burned up that night. When I saw the house, I went into a rage. I told Lord M to find the son of a bitch who did it. When he did, he got what we call Louisiana justice. All the police would have done was put him in jail for a year or two and then he would have been out. When he got out he would have posed a threat again, now he poses no threat to no one. You are right about Kit not getting out of the hospital this soon. The orthopedic specialist told us he did two scans on her old fusion. Both scans showed a fracture in it. Medicine has come far enough since she had that fusion done that they can now glue the fracture back. I know glue baffles me but that is what the man said. I know Lady A’s sister had it done to her back and I guess it can be done and is being done. Lady A had been complaining about her back killing her. The neurologist would up her drugs, the other one said the drugs would stop a few days after she is glued back together. I don’t know if they are going to use Elmer’s or Super Glue. I am tired and in a piss poor mood. Lady A and I just got hyped up about her coming home and then to be told no was a big let down. I have told her you have been asking about her. She wanted to know how you were doing. I told her fine. You shouldn’t have took your money and sent it to Lady A. She wouldn’t want you to put yourself in a financial strain because of her. I know she will appreciate it but still she doesn’t want anyone to put themselves in a strain because of her. I know she always said she hated like hell even asking the people here to donate to keep the WOTC going. Speaking of other people, there are old members from the MSN’s WOTC here. I can feel them. They have just changed their names. She had a huge following then and still does today. I can’t figure out why they thought they had to change their names. They seldom come out, mainly stay in the woodwork but I know they are here. I am sorry I have wrote so much. It is just good to talk to someone who isn’t a Grizzly Bear or telling me no. I must go for now.

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      7. Eleanor honey… sometimes writing helps to release pent up feelings.. and I understand your anger, sadness, fear, frustration, helplessness.. I’m here anytime to need to yell, scream, rail or whatever.. you write from the heart.. ((hugs)) .. I don’t know what role each of you play there.. if you went to the cabin site, would you be trespassing? I mean no offense to anyone. Maybe he’s concerned that it would hurt you more.. but.. if it would help you to find closure … its something to think about.. I don’t deal well with being told no .. depending on the situation of course. Fact is.. we’re not children.. but I’m sure Lord M is thinking about your well being. I’m surprised that you both remember me. I wasn’t a member there long.. the incident happened not long after…… Kit had done an amazing job creating it.. you all did.. I’m glad she has you, Lord M and the boys.. I got to go… please tell Kit she’s SPECIAL.. but not a Specialist.. to do what the doctor says.. and that I love her.. and remember Eleanor, I’m here if/when you need someone to talk to. (((hugs))


  3. My pain for Lady A is so big that I cannot concentrate . I feel that all our community is shocked and parallized, the donations will flow to Lady A I am sure. Because witches are true ! Our Love lasts forever!


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