An Introduction & Up-date on Lady Abyss

I am Eleanor. I come from the Bayous of Louisiana, I believe you have heard me referred to as the Swamp Witch from Lady A. I have been with her, Lord M and Mystie for the past 30 years. I also grew up with them. My mother and I left Kentucky and went to Louisiana when I was a teenager. My mother was a practicing witch and taught me everything I know. In later years, I ran into an old bayou witch who was getting ready to pass on. This witch had no one to pass on her talents or belongings to except me. She became a second mother to me. After she passed, I took up her path and followed the teachings of her ways. To be truthfully, I am not a nice witch at all. I am not like Lady A. I came back to Kentucky when I found out what had happened. I plan on staying for a while. Lord M has his hands full with Lady A and the boys. I came to pitch in and help. I love Lady A or Kit as I am sure most of you know her by now. She is my sister, my true sister and there is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for her.


What I am getting ready to say will probably make some of you mad or even angry but you see I don’t care. You thought Mystie could have a temper, mind is twice as bad. We haven’t decided if we are going to keep the WOTC open or not. If we do, how we are going to run it. As you know Kit was hit last year by a drunken driver and her entire left side was crushed. She has pins, rods and screws holding her arm, hip and leg together. When she went out the window, she landed on that side. The upper thigh bone was completely shattered. In fact, it was protruding through the skin when she arrived at the hospital. She will be very fortunate if she is ever able to put any weight on that leg again. With time the doctor believes she will make a full recovery. He has estimated it could take up to a year if not longer. That is if she doesn’t do anything she shouldn’t and takes therapy. It also includes not sitting at a desk for eight hours a day working for people who could give a damn less for her. I  told you I wasn’t a nice witch and I call it the way I see it. I know in my heart, that Kit loves you. She cares about the WOTC. She formed it and she led it for almost 16 years. She gave it heart, in fact, she was the heart of the WOTC. Every day, no matter how she felt, whether she was in pain or not, she made sure she was here for each and everyone of her brothers and sisters. She gave you love, she gave you a message you will never hear any place else and she gave you 110% of herself every day. Those days are over, she will never know how her brothers & sisters of the Craft deserted her. I will never tell her nor will Lord M or the boys. That will be our little secret. We have agreed that she will never, ever step foot in this building again.


I don’t know what it takes nor do I really care. For someone to be so loving and caring about you and then in her hour of need, you desert her. No, she won’t never know. She has lost everything. Do you want pictures of the bone protruding through her leg. The cuts, the scraps, the bruises? Better yet, do you want pictures of a cabin that use to belong to the best lady and friend I have ever known, burnt to the ground. She was up against a tree with a neighbor’s arm around her while she watched her house burn to the ground and she cried and cried. She is still crying. She feels she has lost everything and I mean everything. Alone, nothing to her name, nothing was left from the fire, everything gone up in flames.  I guess it was the medication, she was talking to me about after she got out of the hospital, she would go live on the streets, she had no place else to go and then broke down in tears. I told her she knew better than that, that I would never let that happen. We figured that perhaps some of you might offer to help out. Well that went up in smoke too. We have received one donation and there is one on its way in the mail. Some day I will tell Lady A the truth but not now. She asks about you and we just smile and tell her everything is fine, going well. I don’t want to tell her the truth that the family she loved, cared for and would have done anything for, didn’t give a damn about her. The truth is the truth and I do call it the way I see it. She needed you and she still does. I don’t believe a couple of witches can help put her life back together but if we all tried we might be able too.


How would you feel if you lost everything you had and then you were deserted by everyone you thought loved and cared for you? Think about it.


One hell of an introduction wasn’t it. But I have been wanting to get a few things off my chest since Lady A’s wreck and I was up here then. She never knew the truth about that either. After Mystie passed away and I think Kit was starting to wake up to the fact that she might have been a fool all these years. She paid for Mystie’s burial out of her own pocket. She used ever credit card she had to bury Mystie. She wouldn’t let us help. That is what kind of lady and person Kit is. She is warm, loving, caring, willing to help no matter what and she gave everything she had for the past 16 years to each and everyone of you. Your blessings and healing energies are appreciated but they don’t rebuild her home or put clothes on her back.


We are still accepting donations and the store is open. One of the boys, Jacob (Mystie’s son) is running it. He is hoping that he can sell enough merchandise to help his new mother recovery some of what she has lost. He has new men’s jewelry on there and some other things but some where along the line, it seems that it has been forgotten and no sales are coming in. Disappointing to a young man trying to do right in this world.


Again, my name is Eleanor, I am the swamp witch. I will be around for a while. After my hateful ass speech if you would like to donate to a great lady, we would appreciate it.



The Swamp Witch


Almost forgot or if you really care, the man who burnt down Lady A’s cabin, we caught. I don’t need to say anymore about that.


19 thoughts on “An Introduction & Up-date on Lady Abyss

  1. Hi Eleanor,,
    Let me introduce myself i am Lady Beltane/Carla Who founded WOTC’s sister site Coven Life with Lady A pestering me to do it.
    Thank you very much for the update. I think your language is mild compared to what I am going to post on CL
    I am so happy to hear they caught the SOB that did this to our beloved sister?

    Now if every reader donated $1-$5 it would start adding up. Witches and pagans we owe a huge debt to Lady A who has run WOTC mostly out of her own pocket. Hey get it in gear people and donate like I said even a dollar or two will!

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    1. Well Carla, it is good to meet you. Kit has asked if you knew what had happened. We told her you did. They are keeping her rather doped up right now. Her leg is horrible. When they caught the son of a bitch who burned her house down, I got a lick or two in myself. I am not suppose to tell that though. Then Lordie has mentioned you also. He told me he needed to write you a note and let you know how Kit was doing. I forgot to mention I was going to make a post and let everyone know how she was doing and how I had been boiling since Mystie’s funeral. I know these people knew Mystie and I believe there was three or four donations to help with the funeral. I know you donated to the boys to get them pizza. Jacob told me that. He said he believed you thought they were tired of squirrel. He and his brother did appreciate it. Jacob is not much of a squirrel eater. Jacob is the one that showed me how to fix an account for WordPress. Lordie sees what I posted, he will bitching for me to take it down. Ha! I don’t think so. The WOTC is going to stay open, I guess. I know Lordie has left it up to me if I want to do it two or three times a week. I haven’t talked to Kit yet. I know she is going to do what the doctor tells her too this time. I have went off too many times just to find out she is doing every damn thing she isn’t suppose to be doing. One of the main things was sitting on the computer for the ingrates here for hours and hours. The other women told me they tried to get her to go home they would take care of it and she didn’t listen. They pussy foot around with her. I don’t. We are very good friends but we do have fights or arguments. We are too much alike. I think she regained her memory so quick because I was such a bitch, lol! I do agree with you, as many people that is here, just a $1.00 would add up. It is pitiful, when someone has loved and cared for these people the way she has and they can’t even do that. As you can tell, I didn’t lie when I said I wasn’t a nice witch. I don’t take any shit and I don’t beat around the bush. I might be a little harsh for these people but I believe they could use a good dose of an old hateful swamp witch. I am not that old, Kit has always referred to me as that. I know Lordie told me that if I did decide to take over the WOTC that I could ask you for help if I needed it. I watched Kit in her account but this account of mine is different so you might be hearing from me. I am glad I didn’t offend you with my post, for the others I don’t give a damn. It was nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you better in the next few months.


    2. Hello Eleanor, Lady Beltane … First, I would like to say that your feelings for people who have not donated for Lady A does not speak for everyone. Yes, your words were harsh as I’m sure you are angry about the whole thing and rightfully so and you certainly are entitled to your say. Kit is blessed to have such a fiercely protective friend. That being said … here is what I have to say. I have loved Kit since day one. She is the kindest person I have ever met and I told her as such. She and I, although we have never met in person, formed a fast friendship, a good one. Just before this senseless tragedy happened, I had just placed a sizeable order through this store as Kit had said funds were needed. I sent an order in, period. In the face of this tragedy I have felt many emotions, anger and concern in the front, and have been trying to find a way to help her. I want it to be in a big way unfortunately I cannot at this time, but you can bet when I can, I will. In the interim, I would like to donate something, no matter how small. I did send a responding email to Lord of the Myst who was kind enough to let me know what happened before I had to read it on the web page. For that I am eternally grateful to him. In any event, I will ask here then. Are donations being accepted in orders? Or just in cash donations, or both? Which would benefit Kit more? Please let me know.

      In closing, I would like to express my gratitude for this monster who did this being caught. I hope he is punished with as much pain and misery as humanly possible… and then some. Does anyone know WHY he did this to her?

      Marcia DeCola


      1. Marcia, it is nice to meet you. I wish it wasn’t under these circumstances, otherwise I would perhaps be more pleasant. I speak my mind and my words were not intended for individuals like you. Jacob and I have been through the site and I know you have supported the WOTC and the store through your purchases. I did not intent my words for you or others who have generously support the WOTC and Lady A throughout the years. My words were intended for the other thousands of people here who haven’t. Each depending on people like you and a few others to do everything. That isn’t right. I don’t believe you can argue with me and say it is. I have just watched and kept my mouth shut (that isn’t totally true) to Kit about the way things were headed. It was to the point before the store opened, that she paid everything out of her own pocket. These sites aren’t cheap to run and operate. If you want to have one to grow, you have to pay for advertisement, you have to pay for trademarks and other things as well. I don’t know what some of the people here think but it cost money to operate anything on the internet. No one seemed to care. I would occasionally talk to her about it and she would tell me not to worry about it, there would be a way. Turned out she was right, there was always a way. I don’t know how she did it. I believe she had help from her Goddess all the years. I believe she was meant to do what she does and I know she will eventually return as always. This time she is waiting till the doctor releases her. I am staying till then.

        I am a harsh person and I make no apologizes for that. I fight for those I love and I was an only child growing up and Kit is like a sister to me. For someone to try to burn her up, you damn straight I got furious. I also got furious when I found out that the people she called brothers and sisters wasn’t doing a damn thing for her. She gave her all to this site and no one wanted to lift a finger to help her. Now wouldn’t that make you a little angry. You love her just as I do, it should. I thank you for your order and Jacob will process it and get it out to you. There is an expense that is paid for some of the merchandise that is sold in the store, especially when they have to purchase merchandise from a wholesaler. Truthfully a donation would be better but beggars can’t be picky can they. I guess I should have went through the emails and the store’s books before I made my comment. I would have mentioned who my comment was not intended for and your name along with a few others would have been on it. We have all been through a lot. Losing Mystie, now having Kit almost burned alive in her own home, we are all on edge. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing Kit. I also couldn’t stand the thought of so many turning their back on her. I am a hot-head, bad tempered and ill as a hornet but if that is what it took to wake these people up, so be it. I am sorry I offended you that was not my intention since you are good friends with my sister.

        I didn’t address your comment in regards to the man who burned her cabin. She hadn’t mentioned it to any of us but Mystie’s sons knew. The man had been stalking her for months. He was in love. She finally had a bad argument with him while the boys and her were out fishing. He showed up and the boys said she went over to talk to him. It was a heated argument and he got on his four-wheeler and left. The boys said he was mad, his face was red. Kit told them that he wouldn’t bother them again. We figured he was waiting for her to be alone in the cabin and when he found that out, he threw something through the window the ignited the whole bottom floor. It’s simple, he was a meth head and in love, she rejected him and in his warped mind he couldn’t handle it. So he tried to kill her. I should add he has been caught and dealt with, the law didn’t catch him, we did. That is all I can say about that but he will never ever harm her again because he won’t be around too.


      2. Eleanor, I took no offense to your words – those are the words of a true friend/sister enraged to see her friend hurt and/or taken advantage of. I applaud you actually. It warms my heart that Kit has someone there with her like you to stand up and take charge and deal with what needs to be dealt with since I cannot. I will pick up extra shifts at work to try and contribute as much as I can I promise you that. I am not in a good position financially but I am rich in comparison to our friend right now. She needs help and help she shall get. I wouldn’t make any apologies for being you either … I’m actually feeling pretty close to you right now.

        As far as the dirtbag that did this – thank you for the information. My heart is warm knowing this person was dealt with accordingly the way he should be…. I thank you all!

        Marcia DeCola


      3. Marcia, I am glad to know that you were not offended. Kit wouldn’t be very happy with me if she knew I had offended one of her true friends. And I feel by your words, you are a true friend to her. I don’t know if I told you are not, I grew up as an only child. Kit, Mystie, and I grew up together. Mystie was always off chasing the boys it seemed but Kit was always there for me, no matter what. I remember when we were young we did a silly ritual. Maybe it seemed silly then but after time went by it became serious to both of us. On a Full Moon night, we went into to the forest. We found the biggest Oak tree we could find and started our ritual. We both cut our palms and swore a blood sister oath to each other. We didn’t grow up blood but we became blood. I didn’t have a very pleasant childhood or into the teenage years either. But I look back and I can remember the best times I had involved Kit. When Lordie called and told me what had happened, I dropped everything and came. She is special and I wish you could meet her in person to see for yourself. I do know one thing, she wouldn’t want you to work yourself to death on her account. She’s not that type of person. So don’t do it. If others don’t pick up the slack, I will go off again. I happen to be very good at going off, lol! Hell of a way to make an introduction isn’t it.

        I would like to get to know you better. You have a spirit about you, I can’t pinpoint it yet but I would like the opportunity to get to know you much better. I believe we could built a kinship as well as a friendship.


        I will admit that the men gave me the opportunity to beat on the old boy who started the fire and you know it felt goood!


  2. Hello , let me introduce myself , I am Desiree a solitary fire witch.
    I am so sorry to hear about Lady of the Abyss, my heart grieves for her losses this year. I can only donate a few bucks sadly because I am on the brink of losing everything myself. I am blessed to still have my house and would gladly open it to her, but I am sure she would prefer to stay in Kentucky, New Mexico is nothing like it . I do feel that if everyone would chip in what they can it will help her rebuild her life, hopefully her home. I would gladly donate items to help furnish it when that happens, because I have more stuff than money and maybe by that time I will be able to assist with more. So come on people dig deep.


    1. It is nice to meet you, Desiree. I am sorry to hear of your plight. I am also glad that my post did not offend you. But you know as well as I do, the truth is the truth. Lady A broke herself when she paid for Mystie’s funeral. I believe she blamed herself for her death by not being with her. I came up for the funeral then and found out what was going on here. Lady A shrugged it off but it just pissed me off. I can’t help the way I feel. If you knew Lady A the way I know her, you would automatically love her. She gives you the impression, she is a delicate flower. A flower you want to take and just protect from the world. You can probably tell that, she had her own personal stalker. I just couldn’t believe it when I got the phone call what had happened. I told Lord Myst, if the Law didn’t find that bastard then they better and they did. He won’t be burning anyone else’s house down. I couldn’t believe someone would want to hurt her like that. I flew into a rage. He could have killed her, what in the hell is wrong with people? I apologize. To go to the office you have to pass Lady A’s cabin and every time I see it, the rage comes back. I think mostly of Lady A sitting against a tree, in pain, watching everything she owned go up in the flames. I hate myself because I wasn’t here. You better not let her know you would gladly open your home up to her. That is a very nice gesture by the way and I know she might take you up on it. She told me with all the metal in her body the Kentucky weather just isn’t agreeing with her anymore. Mexico has a very warm climate I hear, lol! You seem like a nice witch or perhaps it is because I am a fire witch also, I get that feeling from you. I am also a Voodoo, Hoodoo and Santeria practitioner. I believe I am the reason Lady A picked up the interest in Voodoo and Hoodoo. At least she thinks I have some good qualities. Thank you for asking everyone to pitch it. I was wondering if I came across as the harsh person I am and everyone left the site. That was not my intentions, I just wanted everyone to wake up and face reality. I have had the feeling for a long time this group doesn’t do anything because they believe the next one will. It doesn’t work like that as you apparently know. I also appreciate your offer of home decor items. Lady A is coming and going still from the medication. When she wakes up today I will have to tell her about your offer. I know it will put a smile on her face to know that you actually care.

      It was very nice to meet you, Desiree. I look forward to getting to know you better in the next few months. If I get too far out for the site, please let me know. I do have this bad tendency of speaking my mind.
      Good day, sister,


  3. Greetings Eleanor,

    Why not turn the negative and harsh feelings into something positive. WOTC has a post office box for correspondence. Post the address, so Lady A’s friends can send her Yule Greetings and get well cards and cash donations. Not everyone has a credit card or paypal.

    Many wish to help, but don’t know how. Witches are kind and loyal so give them a break. Hate produces more hate and love produces more love. Surely this is evident in Lady A’s devotion to her craft.

    Blessed be…



    1. Meadow Walker,
      I have heard the ladies mention a Meadow Walker, I know I have. Are you the one that Lady A built a site for and then you just up and left it. Oh yea, one of the ladies just informed I am correct in my memory or perhaps you aren’t the same Meadow Walker just have the same name? The ladies are telling me that I am also right about you walking off and leaving it. They tell me you gave Lady A no explanation or anything. You just stuck her with a dead site which is totally against policy I am being told. Seems you got Lady A in a little trouble over that, since it is required all dead site are to be deleted and she couldn’t delete it. No one knows why she couldn’t except that you changed something without telling her and there was hell to pay for that till she explained what had happened. Now after taking a good shit on a fine lady, you want to tell me how I should react to someone almost killing her. I don’t think so. I am seriously surprised you showed up here. I will post an address so cards and donations can be sent to her. I will tell you one thing, don’t ever tell me how to act again after the stunt you pulled.
      Darkest Blessings,


  4. Thank you so much for sharing this information….I would have never known. Hoping to be a support is the best possible way(s).

    x – b

    On Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 2:57 AM, Witches Of The Craft® wrote:

    > downinthebayoubeyond posted: “I am Eleanor. I come from the Bayous of > Louisiana, I believe you have heard me referred to as the Swamp Witch from > Lady A. I have been with her, Lord M and Mystie for the past 30 years. I > also grew up with them. My mother and I left Kentucky and went to L” >


    1. Thank you for your donation, Brandon. It will help in putting Lady A’s life back together after a mad man took everything from her. I cannot imagine watching everything I owned go up in flames. I feel horrible that she had to witness that. I know she lost earthly items which we can replace. If we had lost her, we could never replace her. She is a special lady, one of a kind and irreplaceable.


  5. I am the Celtic Goddess, I just recently found the site! I thought it all was amazing.I am a Solitary ,weaving my Magic through the Universe.I was devastated to hear of the hardship .I am not afraid of strong emotions, I am a also a Yoga Teacher. You spoke your truth!!! We are still plagued with hardship for being WITCHES/OURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!Where is the address to send cash, etc? Also, I am, in CA,but there are County programs for food and shelter. I have been there, alone,etc!
    Blessed Be!


    1. The address is:
      The WOTC
      Attn: Kit
      P. O. Box 331
      Kevil, Kentucky 42053
      Kentucky is one of the hardest hit states due to the economy. The food banks, we know about, but they are all empty. There is one charitable organization that has contacted us because Lady A donated so much to them. They heard what happened and told us to bring her there when she got out of the hospital. They supply clothes and are willing to prove Lady A with clothes till she can do better. But I know she like to shop there no matter what and she gave to them, no matter what. We were humbled by their call and their concern for her. But the food banks are useless. Maybe the rest of the country is prospering but Kentucky isn’t.
      Thank you,


  6. I am sorry to hear about Lady A . I hope to be able to send something soon I have been under a lot of distress myself , I have lost my home to the forest fires of Montana this summer and I had to pick up another job where I had a stalker too thank goodness that the police took care of that . But please don’t think of me as not caring because I am trying


  7. I was taken back by your comments, I am new to this site and do not know anyone and thought the comments were a little harsh. But with that being said i took a step back and realized if that was one of my close friends I would react the same way. I love getting emails and I have alot from Lady A. My heart goes out to her and all involved. I was only able to donate 5 dollars at this time but I am hoping I can donate more. Blessed Be!!!


  8. Hello, Eleanor,
    My name is Heather and I am new here as well. I think it is horrible what has happened! I am glad this terrible man (if you can even call him that!) has been caught! So far I have made a purchase just before and was able to donate $25 the other day and I am hoping to add to that after I receive some money (I am on disability and have the only money coming in for a 3 person household) from my parents this weekend. I don’t have much, but I would hope that if I were in the same situation that I would have help also. So I understand. (FYI – My Paypal is still under my prior married name that I never got around to changing – Corbett, but the last name at the bank is correct – Surprenant). Blessed be!


    1. Thank you, dear lady. I know money is tight and the economy is horrible. I know Lady A’s heart and she wouldn’t want you to put yourself in a hardship situation. I know her situation is grim right now. But with individuals like you, kind of heart and gentle spirit, it will improve. Thank you for your donation.
      Lord M


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