A Couple of Suggestions for Making it Through Yule and the Religions Holiday Season

We are now in the most hectic time of all the year between Yule, Christian, Jewish, and other religions holidays. This is often times some may feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or just plain out of sorts. This is also the time of year it is so important to take a minimum of ten minutes a day for yourself. You need to make sure you are grounded and at least semi relaxed. An easy way to do this at home is to find a quote place take some deep breaths with your eyes closed, arms dangling lose at your sides and if you are sitting down feet flat on the ground or if you are standing up have legs spread about shoulder length apart. Imagine roots growing out of your feet through whatever you are standing on going deep into Mother Earth. Pay a quick visit in your minds eyes to a bit of running water imagine throwing all your worries and negativity into the water and it being swept away. Now take another couple of deep breaths, open your eyes slowly, get a refreshing drink of water and go on about your day. Remember this can be repeated as many times as you want or have time to every day.

  1. When you transgressed and only have a few seconds close your eyes take three deep, lung filling breaths letting each one out slowly and save the word “Relax” at the end of each exhale as you feel hypertension leave your neck, shoulders, and back.

Picture By Lady Beltane