Looking for Gift Ideas for Yule, We Got’em!

In case you haven’t noticed, we are on a every other day schedule here. I apologize for that, I just never realized how much work Mystie did take off of me. You don’t realize what someone did or how much you miss them until they are gone. We are currently in the process of trying to find someone to take over Mystie’s responsibilities but…..we had one Mystie was training and I got tired of apologizing continuously so she was let go. Perhaps some day we will find someone who can handle the job. Till that day comes, I get to work ten jobs at one time.


My job for today was to add our Yule merchandise to the store. We actually have some good deals on there right now. Let’s see, we have:

Glass floats

Beautiful incense burners

Charged Ritual Candles (good deal on these buy one get one free). It states 2 for 1 sale


Gorgeous scent lockets

New Pendant necklaces

Crystal angels

Gemstone tree


Beautiful Holiday Chakra Incenses & Holder (they even have a cute little bow on them)


Seriously there are some great deal in this new section. Also, most of these items you won’t see any time except at Yule. As we get more in, we will be adding more to this section. But I look at it this way, if you aren’t going to buy anything for anyone else, then get a good deal for yourself. Check it out, I know you will find something you like.

At the main page, you will see a link also to the Yule Gift section, so you won’t have to hop back and forth to get the link and then go back to the store. We appreciate you looking and also your business.



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