First off before we get the ball rolling……

I would like to apologize for us not being on the internet Tuesday and Wednesday. We had some severe storms move through the area and the power was out. It was off the biggest part of the day Tuesday. Then when it came back on Wednesday, there was non-stop rolling brown outs. To avoid risk of damaging the computers, we decided not to even turn them on. The rolling brown outs (what the country folk around here call a black out) have been known to take out TVs, computers and various other electrical items. I can guarantee you when something is damaged due because of their brown outs, they won’t take blame and they sure won’t pay to either repair it or replace it. We decided, due to our current financial situation, not to take the chance with our computers.

I am sorry for any inconvenience and with that, let’s get this show rolling…..

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


4 thoughts on “First off before we get the ball rolling……

    1. That is fantastic news! I am glad you liked the look of Coven Life. Anytime you want it changed just holler. Oh and since you are home now but yourself in a bubble, please, lol!
      Love ya,


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