Spell of the Day for March 13 – Doorstop Spell (An Ostara Spell for Balance)

Today’s Spell-of-the-Day for March 13 is an Ostara spell called “The Doorstop Spell.” The intent of this spell is to help you find balance in your physical life as well as your mental well-being.


You will need:

One charcoal disk on a fireproof dish


Incense blended from equal parts of frankincense and myrrh

One black pillar candle (12 in. tall)

One white pillar candle (12 in. tall)

Two teaspoons of almond oil in a saucer

One egg cup of salt in a dish


Now the spell…..


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5 thoughts on “Spell of the Day for March 13 – Doorstop Spell (An Ostara Spell for Balance)

    1. I have had some around here saying I am rolling my speech. Sorry, it is the Irish accent I am trying to hide. I can completely understand there being a problem understanding them. I will start putting the chants on the podcast. I am sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you but I definitely appreciate your input. Without individuals like you, we can’t make improvements and we would like to provide all of you with a wonderful experience here and on the Podcast. Thank you again, hun.
      Lady A


      1. It will be quicker to give you the chants to this spell here. Those pages are a pain to edit, let me tell you. After this, I will always add the chants to the spells on the front page. I don’t know if I just can’t talk or it was because we were having a lot of technical issues yesterday. But again, I thank you for letting me know.

        Light the black candle say:
        The pillar on my left is night
        All things within it are held in potential.

        Light the white candle say:
        The pillar on my right is light
        All things within it are brought to fruition.

        Anoint, say
        I make myself sacred to enter a sacred space

        Throw the salt, say
        I make myself pure to enter a pure place

        Next, recite the following
        In the doorway of the year
        Between the gate of night and day
        I have a word to leave. BALANCE
        And beg a word to take.

        That is the end of all the words to the spell. I hope it does help you if finding what you are seeking. Oh and if I don’t talk to you before Ostara, have a very magickal and blessed one.
        Lady A

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