A Little Love Philter for Your Valentine’s Day


A Little Love Philter for Your Valentine’s Day

This witchery calls on Aphrodite, Freya, and Frigga; this enchanting trio will really give this philter recipe a boost of enchantment. This philter recipe and spell is more about the emotionality of love and less about the sexual act. Besides adding this to your basic romance spells and rituals, some other suggestions on how to use this love-imbued imbued philter include adding it to candles to increase a positive, loving, and romantic vibe in the home. You may add a drop or two to any sachets or charm bags to bump up their positive, loving energies. Think about it … where else could your life use a little love, happiness, and charm?

• 1 small decorative glass bottle (look for a heart shape or go for red or pink glass if you can find it)
• Base oil (almond works well), approximately 1/8 cup
• Clean dropper
• 3 drops rose oil
• 3 drops rose geranium oil
• 1 drop vanilla extract or a vanilla bean
• Small rose quartz chip
• 6 inches each of thin red, pink, and aqua satin ribbon
• 1 small metal heart-shaped charm or talisman that you feel coordinates with love
• A label and a pen (to list the ingredients and to decorate and mark the bottle)
Pour the base oil into the bottle so it is filled three quarters of the way full. Add the essential oils one at a time. Next, add the crystal and the vanilla. Close up the bottle with the lid, place your fingers over the lid, and carefully shake up the mixture. Hold up the mixture to the sunlight and allow the light of Friday’s sun to illuminate the philter within.

Wipe off the outside of the bottle. Use the label to list the ingredients and the use of this potion. Decorate the bottle by drawing the sigil of Venus or hearts. If you have other magickal symbols that you would like to use for love and romance, then add those to the label. Attach the label to the glass bottle and finish up by threading the metal charm onto the ribbon and then tying the three colored ribbons (the red ribbon for Freya, the pink for Frigga, and the aqua ribbon for Aphrodite) around the neck of the bottle.

As you finish tying on the bow, hold the bottle in your hands and concentrate on the visualization that the aura around your heart is glowing with a brilliant rose pink color (similar to the previous Aphrodite crystal ritual directions). Call on these three goddesses silently and ask for their assistance. See love and romance arriving in your life in the best possible way. Do not focus on any one person in particular; let the universe verse and the goddesses send who they see fit. Now push all that energy from your visualization into the philter bottle that you hold in your hands. Take a deep breath, hold it for three counts, and then blow it out slowly. Now, repeat the charm below:

Dear Aphrodite, Freya, and Frigga, now gather ’round
Bless this potion with Venus’ energies that today abound
Because the best day to work love magick is Friday
Encourage love and romance in the best possible way
May this philter enhance my loving witchery
For the good of all and by the power of three.

Set aside the bottle, and ground and center yourself. Clean up the supplies and eat a few crackers or do something physical. Make sure to store the love and romance philter in a dark, dry place out of the reach of young children.



Book of Witchery – Spells, Charms & Correspondences For Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan



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