WOTC’s New Year’s Raffle

WOTC’s New Year’s Raffle

Don’t worry we won’t wear you out on raffles this year I promise. There are several purposes for holding this raffle:

  1. To thank all our returning members after we were wiped off the net.
  2. To generate activity on the site.
  3. And last but not least, when we went to rebuild this site, we found out WP had changed some of their policies. The features that we use to use freely now are charged for. Video uploads to have on your site, you have to purchase a package for that now. Storage, you have to pay for that and I can guarantee you this site goes through the storage. There are several others right now, it is early and I can’t think of them, but to get the site back the way it was, it seems we have to pay for everything now. Oh, well, I ought to have known that eventually they would be charging for everything they could. There a business and a business is always out to make money. The only problem, I wish they wouldn’t make it off of poor witches, lol!.

For those unfamiliar with our raffles, they are super simple. We deal with a wholesaler that offers the best quality merchandise you can find anywhere. You will be pleased with the item you pick. A ticket cost $5.00 and you can purchase as many as you like. The more you buy the better you chance of winning. The raffle winner will have their choice of one of the items below and they are not cheap items either. We always try to supply our members with the best merchandise possible. The raffle will run for one month. This raffle will end at the business day of February 15th. The winner will be announced the next day. If you do not contact us letting us know which item you would like, we will contact you.

When you fill out your PayPal form at the bottom (in the comment section) please specify it is for the raffle. Thank you & Good Luck!

Can’t find anything of interest here, check out our half-way completed store. Beautiful, top quality merchandise for only a $5.00 raffle ticket.


The Witches Apothecary










Amethyst Prayer Beads
A length of prayer beads that can be kept in a pocket and taken with you as a medative tool. 5/8″ pentacle and 3/4″ Tree of Life. 9 stone beads 5/16″. Made in USA. Pewter, Amethyst. 8″










White Selenite Wand
This selenite wand is a powerful aid in seeking mental clarity or in channeling energies, and can be used to aid in seeking contact with spirits, angels, and other such entities. Varies in legnth. 5 – 6″











Oak wand 14″
Long held sacred for strength and a door of the Gods, by a variety of cultures throughout the world. Oak is the perfect material for a magical wand, and can be used to help empower your magic. 14″







Bone Runes

Hand crafted from water buffalo bone, this rune set presents the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark and one blank stone in the age old style, perfectly suited for divination and magic. Comes in pouch.

















Smudge Pot with 3

smudge Pot with 3″ White Sage Wand
Sculpted of soapstone, this bowl makes for a wonderful smudge pot, and even comes with a mini white sage smudge wand. Bowl 4″ x 2 1/2″. Wand 3″



Greenman Caftan

These tops are two large squares of fabric sewn together, with a V neck in front. Caftan Tops fit large sizes, to XXX large. They are 3 feet square. There is an image on each corner of the squares, on both the front and the back. 3 feet square Rayon Batik
*Just and explanation to explain the addition of our half-way completed store…..


I am going to give you the addy to our store. Now remember it is not all the way complete but it has some nice stuff in (I can guarantee you that). Look through the page, find something you like and buy a ticket. A $5.00 raffle ticket will get you anything in that store you want. You will see the prices for the merchandise and you will realize you are getting one heck of a bargain. So you now have what is on here and what is in our store. Like I said remember it isn’t through but when it is, it is going to be a superstore.


Here’s the addy and remember a $5.00 raffle ticket get anything in that store you little heart desires. This has went from the New Year’s Raffle to Get Us The Hell Away from our ISP. Sorry about the language but I am about ready to pull my hair out. Enough with that, go find something you like, then come back over here and purchase the ticket. If you do purchase a ticket over there at one of those “buy now” buttons, it will show up the regular price of the item. I hope you enjoy the new addition to the raffle. Now I have got to run before they pull the plug.


Have a great Saturday,

Lady A

The Witches Apothecary






4 thoughts on “WOTC’s New Year’s Raffle

  1. I just sent $5.00 for the raffle using PayPal. I had no way to indicate this was for the raffle. I was not sure how it worked so I only sent $5 when I really wanted to send $25. Let me know how to indicate the money is for the raffle and I’ll send more! Thanks! Helen


    1. Thank you, Helen. I had to double check to make sure I tell you the right way to do it. If you will scroll down to the bottom of the payment page, you will see a part that says “Subject.” In that part, just type out raffle. I will make sure your other ticket is marked for the raffle. Thank you so much for purchasing the tickets. Good luck and I hope you win.
      Lady A


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