Hot Foot Spell

Hot Foot Spell

The purpose of the spell, why you do it, is to get someone off your back. The intent is not to harm someone but to make them go away and leave you alone. This is not, however, intended for petty grievances. This is a serious spell and if it backfires it can make you go away.

You Will Need:

Hot Foot Powder (available in occult supply stores)
bowl to hold powder
small jar
4 black altar candles (altar candles are short – about 3 inches long)
2 white altar candles to represent the Goddess and God
drum or other rhythm instrument (or clap your hands)

Cleanse and purify your altar area. Set up your altar for charging magickal tools. Arrange the four black candles for lighting purposes and if you want, drape the altar in black, wear black, and otherwise dress up the area.

Pour a small quantity, about a spoonful, of the Hot Foot Powder into the bowl and place it on your altar. Get comfortable in front of the altar, you’re going to be there for a little while.

Put the white candles on either side of the bowl and light them, while focusing on your grievance. Get a good rhythm going – beat that drum, shake that rattle, clap those hands, beat that floor, whatever – and make it an urgent sort of beat, the sort that makes you want to run. As you do this, chant:

You shall rise, you shall rise
You shall walk and you shall fly
Out of my life and away Onward Outward Away Be gone!
And trouble me no more I give you no power
You have no power
No power Over Me!

Keep repeating this chant and get really worked up. Feel that power and anger rising up. Keep repeating the chant until the candles have burned almost completely down, then grab that bowl full of Hot Foot Powder and send all the furious energy into it. Visualize that powder just bubbling and boiling over with your emotion. When the fury is in the powder pour the powder into the small jar and close up tightly. Be sure to ground yourself before leaving the Circle.

Now, take that charged powder and lay it in the path of your enemy. Make sure you aren’t seen doing this. Pour it into your hand, then with a strong puff of breath blow it over an area your foe walks over regularly. This spell is specific to one person, so don’t worry about it affecting other people who cross over it. Hotfoot Powder is very fine, and if you only use a spoonful it shouldn’t be visible on a floor. If it is, it will look just like dust.