Protection Mojo Bag 


Protection Mojo Bag


Red flannel bag

2 small lodestones

2 long nails

Lock of your hair

Pinch of salt

This protection bag should be carried or worn close to the body, preferably touching the skin.  It will protect from injuries, the evil intentions of another person, and bad luck.  To protect an area such as a room, conceal the bag near the entrance to the room and make sure it is completely out of sight.

In addition to the items listed, you may add a small Catholic Saint figurine of your choosing if there is a particular Saint you feel an affinity with, or you may choose Saint Benedict for basic protection from evil.   To fix the bag, breathe onto it several times, you may add a personal prayer.

Feed the bag with Defense Oil:

1/4 ounce carrier oil

3 drops myrrh

2 drops cypress

1 drop patchouli Mint leaf



Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power

Lady Giana