Till Samhain, my sweets….

Circle Is Open Pictures

We hate to cut things short but it seems that we always wait to the last minute to do anything! We still have somethings we need to pick up for tonight and tomorrow night. Since we are out in the boonies, if we don’t get going, we won’t be back till Sunday (just kidding!).


Anyway, have a great afternoon and we will definitely see you tomorrow. Wouldn’t miss sharing Samhain with you for nothing. Till then….

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

One thought on “Till Samhain, my sweets….

  1. Remember anyone wanting to attend Coven Life’s Samhain gathering at 6 PM CT tomorrow is welcome whether you are in a coven, a solitary practitioner or new to The Craft. Lady Beltane well be leading the circle. For more information click on the Coven Life banner. Coven Life is very grateful to WOTC for sponsoring us.


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