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Whenever you do a spell, record all the details in your book of shadows. That way, you can perform the spell again at a later date, adjust it, or adapt it to other circumstances. Following is a list of the basic information you should include about any spell or ritual you perform:

Name and type of spell. Write this at the top of the page.

and time you did the spell. If it’s an original spell, you may also wish to add the date and time you composed it.

Who else was present, if anyone.

Moon phase. Add the moon sign if you know it, as well as other pertinent astrological information.

Weather. This is more important than you might think, as weather can affect your feelings as well as the place where you choose to perform your spell.

Location. Did you do the spell in the living room, backyard, etc.?

Your health. Your energy level and overall health can impact your spells. If you are female, also note where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Purpose of the spell. This may be obvious from the name of the spell, but a heading such as “Simple Cauldron Spell” might require a little more information about why you did the spell.

A complete list of the tools and ingredients used. This is vital for future reference and if you choose to repeat the spell.

Deities invoked, if any.

The entire text of the spell or ritual. You can write this down before the ritual, and just work from your text, if necessary.

How long it took to complete the spell.

The immediate reaction you felt to the ritual.

Short-term results. What did you notice over the first few days or weeks following the ritual?

Long-term results. What sort of changes have you observed over the following months or years?

You may choose to add other information you consider relevant, interesting, etc. Add drawings, poems, or other jottings if you like. Of course, you can always come back later and put in notations about things you thought of afterwards, dreams, discussions you may have had with fellow witches, and so on. It’s your book to work with however seems best for you.



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