The Daily OM for September 13th – Healing Emotional Pain

Healing Emotional Pain
The Hidden Pain That Binds Us

by Madisyn Taylor

Healing our emotional pain will bring strong feelings of peace and happiness.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the month of September, a transition month for many of us as summer moves closer to autumn and children head back to school. September has always been a month of great transition. It’s almost as though it gives us permission to face our workload and get back into a routine.

This month I want to focus on the topic of emotional healing. Most of my work with DailyOM is about this topic as it is so very needed within humanity. It also scares many people away because nobody really finds enjoyment in diving through their own layers of emotional pain. I think by now most of you know that I never ask anything from you that I don’t go through personally myself. This core tenet is the basis of my work, which is to share my experience and thoughts so that others know they are not alone on their path.

Healing your emotional pain can bring the greatest rewards in your life, bringing you a sense of lightness and freedom. Some pain can be dropped quickly and some can take years to fully release. There really is no right or wrong, and there certainly is no timetable involved. Some of you know that just last year I was able to fully release the pain my father caused me growing up. It took me 20 years after his death to get to that place of peace, and it feels really good to know that it is authentic healing that came from hard work and a bit of grace.

If you are interested in healing your emotional pain, here are some online courses we offer that can assist you greatly.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage by Debbie Ford. This amazing eight-week online course is consistently one of our best-selling courses for a good reason—it works! Receive powerful lessons every four days, including an audio guided meditation with each lesson. more info

Letting Go with Forgiveness by Ana Holub. This eight-week online course is based on information from A Course in Miracles, Radical Forgiveness, scientific research, and life lessons from Ana from her years of counseling. more info

How to Create Happiness by Deepak Chopra & Sonja Lyubomirsky. This 14-week online course is divided into two parts. Part one is composed of seven lessons by Deepak Chopra, and part two is composed of lessons by Sonja Lyubomirsky. Deepak teaches seven keys to joy and enlightenment, and Sonja teaches how to be happy! more info

Overcoming Fear by Debbie Ford. This eight-week online course includes a new lesson every four days, and an audio guided meditation with each lesson to help you directly access your inner wisdom. Learn to overcome fear, tune into the voice of fear, and choose faith and courage rather than fear. more info

I hope you have been enjoying these more personal monthly newsletters with our course offerings. It is so heartwarming to hear your feedback and learn of the ways that DailyOM has transformed your life. Thank you for reading and thank you for having the courage to be you.

Be well,

Madisyn Taylor


Daily OM