A Spell to Initiate One Into A Coven or Circle

A Spell to Initiate One Into A Coven or Circle


Please be advised that this spell is very strong and hard to undo. The spell will not work if the person is being initiated against his/her will.


Stand in a circle with the newcomer in the middle and chant these words over a fire, by a lake, ocean, etc., standing barefoot in mud or sand, on a windy night.


“Earth, I summon thee

Air, I summon thee

Water, I summon thee

Fire, I summon thee

Air and sea, keep harm from we.

Earth and Fire, bring our desire.

By dark of moon and light of sun,

Let power bring us into one.

With blood and sinew, flesh and bone,

Let ______ now become our own.”


See short and sweet but yet very powerful.