Hate to leave good company, but as usual “life calls!”

Circle Is Open Pictures

But we will back later on this evening. I was looking through another hosting site that we have not used in forever. I didn’t actually know some of those sites even still existed. But there are several and they have some excellent information on them. So either Mystie or myself will be moving that information and closing those blogs down.


I know you have heard of me taking about closing sites down. My reasoning behind that is to get everything centrally located. It is much easier to manage and also you have a lot of good information at your fingertips. Also these sites have some old spells on them, whoever is here this evening will be putting the spells here and on our Shadow Book. I didn’t realize till last night, the traffic our Shadow Book is getting. Due to this fact, we are going to start to build it up as well.

So you know our plans for now. Have a great day!

Till this evening, my sweets,

Love ya,

Lady A

One more thing, you might notice the sidebars have changed just a tadbit. If you happen to be looking for Coven Life or The Herbal Corner, I have moved their banners. They are now located at the bottom part of the site.