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Petition Magick


A petition is usually a written wish. It involves asking Deities or Spirit for help and/ or guidance in an issue. Writing can be done with magickal inks with a quill or brush for an extra boost. If you’ve learned them, you can also write in the magickal alphabets that so many books contain. Personally, I’ve never bothered with them, but it may appeal to some. My advice is to only do so if you are comfortable with it and are doing it for a specific reason. Using magical alphabets for no purpose other than wanting to look like a know it all will not impress anyone, least of all Deity. But if you use them, be sure to check and double check your translations and how you’ve written or drawn the symbols. Writing magical petitions so poorly that you come across like a five year old is never a good thing.

Magical inks are available from many pagan stores or there are recipes on the internet for making them if you are that type of person. The most common are Bat’s Blood (for darker magics), Dove’s Blood (for love and growth) and Dragon’s Blood (for power). Bat’s Blood and Dove’s Blood inks may traditionally have been made with the blood of those creatures, but these days it’s a herbal and alcohol based brew. Some like to add a small amount of their own blood (be it 2 drops from a pricked finger or menstrual blood) when writing petitions. Be aware though, that your blood contains links to you and that you should always be careful about how the petition, or any leftover ink, is disposed of.

Many people suggest using parchment for magical writing. As true parchment is made from the skin of a calf or goat, it’s rather hard to come by and expensive when you do find it. Any paper will work, it can perhaps be coloured to work with your purpose, or be recycled and handmade— possibly with appropriate herbs added in during the making process.

As you write your petition, ask for the help you require. Be specific and be careful. If you make promises of offerings or sacrifices be sure that you follow through and understand what it is you are promising. If you don’t know the difference between an offering and a sacrifice I cover them in a later chapter.

A picture filled with your own symbolism can be used instead of or in conjunction with a written petition. Explain your need and pour it into the petition. Raise energy and pour that into the petition too.
Petitions to remove things about yourself can be inscribed in scraps of wood and burned in a Sabbat bonfire.

A simple petition spell to make someone back off and take a chill pill, if you like, is to write their name on paper or write them a letter. Put it in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer. I’ve gotten rid of a stalker this way, he came to no harm, but wasn’t so hot for me anymore. One friend used it to make her ex back off a bit. Leave it for as long as you feel it’s necessary.

What you do next with your petition is entirely up to you. Petitions have been mentioned in a number of uses in previous spells. They can be burned, wrapped around a talisman or bundle of herbs, carried in a bag or pouch, buried, the ash from a burned petition can go into a powder, a body of water, a wash, mixed with oil or ink and painted onto a talisman, or released into the air.

If you petition is to draw something to you, keep it nearby. If it is to remove something, get rid of it.



The Common Sense Spell Book
Debbie Dawson



15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Witch – Petition Magick

  1. Hi Greg,
    I hope my reoly goes through this time? WordPress is driving me nuts lately. Lol So I’ll keep my reply short as its frustrating & tiring me to write things over & over atm.
    Anyway thanks for your really interesting and honest reply. Your background is so interesting & I understand where your at completely. I agree all our tools of the Craft are just there to train our minds to get into a ritualistic magical mindset. I sometimes use the lot and to the other extreme minimalistic or none depending on my mood and the magick being practiced at the time.
    As your my Elder you truly have all my respect!!! I also now know that you truly understand what I did and how I did it. As thus far no other Witches or mages etc have a clue. Lol I do realise though the seriousness of what I have done to save his life. However I’m pretty sure that I won’t be doing it again in this lifetime.
    Sorry for the late reply as Ive been a bit ill lately & ended up in hospital and came home yesterday. I’m fine now but I’m so behind with everything online. Your combined site has so much to read & I look fwd to reading it all eventually. Ive also just got 3 occult books delivered that are a bit of a heavy read. However I look fwd to reading them in front of the fire as its winter here downunder.
    I hope that you are well & have a great weekend!
    Blessings & love,
    CazWytch xo


    1. Hi hun nice to meet ya, I am just a silly old witch from qld…. but good onya for helping ya friend. But as I have learnt each life has a certain time span and we all live 5 min at a time some make it to 100+ some only get 5 min….i neared died 7 yrs ago from a heart attack,i was happy to go to the other side or summerland as my time was up here on earth I thought…the hospital may have cheated death for me, which is a bit like you did I guess. but best of luck to ya and cheers Greg

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      1. Hi Greg,
        I’m sure that your not a silly old Witch at all IMHO.Anyway it’s great to hear from somebody else from Australia:) Wish I was in QLD at the moment myself because its too darn cold down here atm.
        I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a heartattack. Im sure that going to the other side was absolutely incredible for you too. As Ive been there myself just a few years ago & thought it was so great…& didn’t want to come back either. Lol But obviously I did as I was meant to like you did too.
        BTW the person I helped wasn’t a friend but my dear, dear Father. I realize like u say that when our time is up…its up. However believe me that his time was up and my entire family knew this and so did all is Drs in the hospital. That’s why I did what I had to do and it actually worked so quickly.
        I know its hard to believe however it really did happen! Probably because all the circumstances of his life and mine were & still are aligned in so many varied spiritual & mundane pathways also. The basics are that I’ve made a pact..which involves my own lifespan too. I gave some of what I have spare….to him.
        Obviously it would be irresponsible of me to write exactly what, where & how I did it this publically.
        But if your really interested Greg Just email me privately.
        I’m always happy to discuss it more with you and other’s too. If I don’t get back to you straight away…it just means that I’m busy at that time. But its my policy to always answer all genuine enquiries because I believe “Occult knowledge” is meant to be shared, not selfishly squandered away as certain occultists do….so they can then keep their power trips going!
        Anyway you sound like a really nice guy:) How long have you been a Witch and what sort of Witchcraft would you say you follow atm? You can answer privately if you would like to or any way or not that you wish.
        Blessings to you,
        CazWytch. xo


      2. Hi Caz and follow members. A little about myself… as a small child I knew I did not fit with other people ways or beliefs. I had a feeling that there was something out there I had to be part of. sorry I have a bit of trouble spelling words etc, after the heart attack. I was a locksmith by trade and maintenance man but now just on disability pension not to work again Doctors orders. I am near 63 yrs. I started my witch path 42 yrs ago, I follow gypsy magic, as you don’t need much stuff. Plus I like all the other paths too, we are all Brother and sisters yet some think they are the bees knees on some sites i been on but they will come back to earth one day…I don’t know about other people I have always felt being part of the world but not of it. strange maybe just a Capricorn trait. I am basic I don’t have an altar or wand, just use what ever I can, as the mind makes up 70% of a spell or magic I reckon. I never burn black candles or play with spirit boards. I read playing cards, I use to read runes and tarot and animal signs. Caz I know the spell you used I have it here in a very very old witch book going back to magic in 1600/1700s I think….cheers for now Greg

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  2. Lady Abyss,

    Can you please delete all these comments above? As obviously I wrote far too much on here which I now realize is inappropriate. I’m sorry if I have offended you in anyway because that wasn’t my intention. As you can probably tell I was so overtired when I wrote the comments above with all the typos in them last night in the very early hours here. The first msg wasn’t so bad but the other two are really bad & have far too many embarrassing typos.

    Please know that I’m not A troll or spamming you. I’m just new to the WordPress community and was just trying to reach out to other Witches on here. So as I said please delete all the posts above as you see fit? As in future I want to see my comments straight out like they were before all of these. That’s when I realized that you must have been online at the same time as me.

    Please just tell me ok if something is wrong? As otherwise I feel like if their all “awaiting moderation” all the time it makes me feel devalued and quite hurt and that there’s no point me being in or contributing to this group. I realize that I made a mistake last night. I really should’ve been sleeping. Do you have instant msging or PMs on your site?

    Please can you delete all the above comments after you have read them all ok? I am an experienced Witch & Occultist and if you actually read my only 3 blogs on WordPress so far? Then you will understand where I’m coming from. Many different pathways from ancient history from all cultures to Neopaganism today etc etc.

    Anyway hopefully things can go back to how they were before. As I remember you wrote to me recently “saying that you valued my comments”. I guess last night I just took that a bit too far. It won’t happen again as obviously this is your site not mine.

    I certainly admire what you and the other Witches here have achieved online. I find creating sites really hard to do as computer technological stuff is not my strong point but writing creatively is. I’m actually working on 2 books ATM and too many other things to mention here.Again please delete this entire thread.

    Have a great day & all the best,
    Blessings and love,💖
    CazWytch xo


    1. Lady of the Abyss took the weekend off. I will leave your comments for her to deal with Monday. I think it is nice to hear from someone who is so open and not afraid to share with others. If I was her, I would tell you to continue to talk freely and express yourself.
      Mistress of the Myst

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  3. Hello Lady Abyss,
    All my comments are deleted from this page. I was just trying to reach out to others to help them. Sorry that I added my own blog link. Its quite brand new & I don’t have your resources. If Im doing something wrong just tell me? I’ve only just started blogging on WordPress & I don’t know all the rules yet? So Im sorry for whatever Ive done wrong? Please email me & let me know please? Ive just wasted an hour or more of my time,
    Also sorry if my comments wete too heavy. Its because Im deeply into the Occult far more than most other Witches are
    Please just ket me know the protocol on here?
    Ps: I really like/d this site. I also hardly ever comment on most blog sites. I feel hurt that u deleted my comments because I always get along with everyone online always. I am 52 of Crone Age & if you’ve ever read even the first few lines of my 1st blog? You’d understand that cos of my health…Ive been to hell & back & nearly died in the lsst 12 years..


    1. If there was anything deleted, we did not do it. WordPress does remove items from our site. We have a number of comments come through here a day. I am sure yours probably got lost in the shuffle. WordPress saw that and deleted them because they had not been approved. WordPress looks for spammers more than we do. You, my sister, are not a spammer and I would encourage you to stay just the way you are.
      Mistress of the Myst


      1. Thanks so much for you reply as I was feeling really bad about it all & thought that maybe I had written too much? Maybe WordPress has a glitch somewhere? Either way I hope it resolves itself.
        Many Blessings to you Mistress of the Myst,
        CazWytch. xo


      2. Ha, WordPress always has some glitches. They have at least one or two a day. We are constantly changing browsers to speed up our posting process. I know at times this is due to WordPress making upgrades to our site. They do remove articles and comments from our site. Why I don’t know but they do. I agree with Mystie, I would encourage you to continue to make your comments. I love them and they are very insightful. You are an intelligent witch and we could use a few more like you. Keep up the good work, Caz,
        Luv & Hugs,
        Lady A

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      3. Thanks so much for explaining that Lady Abyss. Unfortunately Im so behind with all the blogs I follow along with all my emails etc. due to a recent illness as Ive been in hosoital for a few days. I came home only yesterday. I look fwd to reading a lot more on your site in the future. Ive also just receivied 3 great occult books. One is on the mixed works of Allister Crowley, another is all about the Golden Dawn and yet another is on Dion Fortune & Aleister Crowley. I look fwd to reading them curled up by the fire as its winter here.
        All the best to you all,
        Blessings & love,
        CazWytch. xo


      4. Hi Lady Abyss,
        Your certainly right about all the WordPress glitches. Ive already replied to you on here over 10 mins ago & it didn’t go through so Im trying again.
        No worries I totally understand the problems here are not of your doing.
        As I just replied to Greg there is so much on your site that I look fwd to reading in the future.
        I’m so behind with all everything atm as Ive been ill & ended up in hospital for a few days and only came home yesterday.
        I look fwd to reading so much more on your site in the future!
        Have a great weekend!
        Blessings & love,
        CazWytch. xo


  4. Sorry for all the typos as its nearly 5am Saturday morning here in Australia. I’m obviously getting too tired & can hardly see the letters on my mobile phone. I’m in bed atm with my dear partner fast asleep whilst my dear old golden English cockerspaniel is fast asleep curled around my pillow right npw. So yes I’m a nightowl really too much of a bat Ive been told. Lol. The tiny letters on my phone start to blur together when I get too tired like now. Thank goodness its not a weekday & today is the only weekend day for ages that were not having friends staying over. So if I sleep till midday? It doesn’t really matter. I hope today is a nice quiet day for us to be home by our fire today. I admit that I love the Night – maybe too much at times. Lol Nocturnal Witchcraft though is a whole other different genre of Witchxraft. If anybody reading this is a true “Nocte, Nyx, Vampyre, DarkMoon, DarkGoddess, GothWitch or Wytch” etc. basically a Witch who’s magickal practice revolves around the nighs cycles. With their rituals usually starting very late. Usually starting at midnight and thereafter because there is less psychic inteteference from the mundanes (nonmagickal people) because their all asleep. Anyway my point is: If you are a true Nocturnal Witch? I’d be interested in hearing from you & if u happen to live in Australia? I’m sure we’d have much tp share. Goodnight from me & hope u all enjoy your Friday night! Don’t forget to remember Venus & Eros etc tonight! Lol
    Blessings & love,
    CaxWytch xo


  5. Ive done these types of petition soells before & their great. However I add the warning that Lady Abyss is giving everyone. Don’t ever use your own blood if your even slightly unsure of your petition at all! Also never ever promise any deity various offerings for instance a full ritual everynight including prayers to them, gifts & sacrifices & offerings to them from food to jewellery etc etc. Unless u know for sure that u can follow through? Please don’t promise any deity what u know that deep down is too much for u to actually deliver. Because believe me it will only end in tears in more ways than u can imagine. I only ever petition any deity (I believe that an experienced Witch is best to always petition her own patron or some say Matron deity always), if my need or usually a healing is in despetste need either for me or another. Yout chosen deity will aways respond quicker than u may even know at times. However Deity’s (Goddess) tend to get annoyed when its something simple that u coykd5 have dealt with yourself successfully. Only ever ask a deity to help when there is truly no other way. I learnt the hard way once from my Goddess for wasting her time & invoking her in a complicated ritual. When I actually should have dealt with the issue at hand myself humanly. Believe me Deities don’t tend to “suffer fools gladly”. Often with a psychic kick in the butt followed by whatever u petitioned for “whatever” just blows up in your face “metaphorically speaking” because its something that Deity (God or Goddess) knows that u could have done yourself. Don’t petition, invoke/evoke or do anything at all with them? Unless you’ve thought it out seriously from every angle & that your also sure that u can meet your offerings up for your Deity properly with love, respect and reverence. If you promised your God or Goddess once a day they will say for instance: receive fresh rosemary, receive fresh lavender, will receive a small glass of milk & honey, & will receive a fresh red rose in a vase right by your statue and/or imsge/s of him or/ber. As well as prayer & chanting to him or/her singing their praises etc. You must do all these things properly usually every night if u really want your Deity to help u asap! Magick is not a joke, nor a hobby or a passing phase because if u choose to be a true Witch its your true “callling in this life & you need to truly dedicate yourself” in the form of self initiation is fine. As ling as u always treat your deities with love & reverence? Then they will always be there for you. If you really want to know what I mean? Im sure that Lady Abyss doesn’t mind me mentioning my new blog on here as it will help you & give u an idea of what dedication can truly achieve. My blog link is: http://SurvivingChronicPainwithMagickandSpirit.wordpress.com
    Ive only blogged 3 times so far bit the 2nd two blogs are both quite long to read but also have a couple of photos too. Believe me a lot of what I write about is controversial. Use of Entheogens to chsnge consciousness in magick & also used for chronic pain suffererers. Ive written about tgeir historical uses in Witchcraft etc. & also blood ritual in my most recent blog post. Where I explain as much as possible hpw Magick truly made the Difference between Life & Death. Even the Drs could not believe it at all? Howevet I did a very dangerous magickal working which I don’t think I can ever do again in this lifetime & believe me when u make a Pact..then you must pay the price for whatever has been given. Anyway when u read it..u will know what I mean then! I have so much more to share and I welcome any emails that I receive from my followers and a always email people back tp help them with their own practice. Its a very new blog & I still haven’t worked out all the menu system properly yet? Lol I’ll get there in time. Lol Sty for sich s long comment here Lady Abyss,
    Many Blessings to all whom read this,
    Love CaxWytch xo


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