Let’s Talk Witch – Making Wicca/Witchcraft a Part of Your Life

Fairy Comments & GraphicsMaking Wicca/Witchcraft a Part of Your Life

Keep in mind that you spent a year and a day studying and preparing to get to the point of becoming a Wiccan. Do not let that effort go to waste by not incorporating Wicca into your daily life. In Wicca, complicated Wiccan rituals are usually required only during Sabbats. In everyday life, being a Wiccan requires little but consistent effort. A good Wiccan tries to find a magical application to every routine thing they do. Wicca is a path of simultaneous empowerment and humility.

You are empowered as a Wiccan because you believe that many things in your life are under your control. You have the power to change them if you like. You can use your magic, spells and rituals to bring happiness into your life. You can also regularly perform protection spells to keep yourself from harm or healing spells on sick days.

However, remember that though you may have a lot of textbook and working Wiccan knowledge, you do not know everything. Do not stop learning about Wicca and growing spiritually. Keep an open mind to receive as much knowledge from the universe as you can. Wiccans can become set in their own comfort zone if they do not learn to accept new knowledge.

In your ordinary routine, stay mindful of the Rede and the threefold law. Remember, everything you do or say should have no intent of causing yourself or another being harm. Moreover, all your actions have consequences and as a Wiccan, you are fully responsible for them. Each act, good or bad, will find its way back to you three times over.

If you are planning to get married after you become a Wiccan, why not plan your wedding ceremony accordingly as a Wiccan rite of passage? Perform a Wiccan wedding or ‘handfasting’ with your coven family. Also, if you have a baby, have a wiccaning ceremony to put him under the protection of the God and Goddess. Observing rites of passage allows you to feel like part of a community greater than yourself.

As a Wiccan, respecting Nature becomes a part of your own innate nature. Recycling and low energy consumption, if they are not already, should become part of your routine as a Wiccan. Hobbies such as gardening and bird watching also are a good way of learning about the Natural world and connecting with it. Going on hiking trips or spending some time outdoors will help you immerse yourself in Nature. Remember, everything in the universe is a manifestation of the Divine.

The cyclical lunar patterns hold great significance in Wicca. Try to determine what effect lunar phases have on your life and work accordingly. Moreover, remember that each day and night is a gift from the God and Goddess. Try to consciously thank them and the elements every day.

The more you try to incorporate Wicca into your life, the more it will help you accomplish your goals. However, the catch is that you cannot be selfish. Remember, Wicca and Witchcraft are religions geared towards positivity in all respects. It may seem overwhelming at first, but the more regularly you practice it, the simpler it will get.


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Sarah M. Lancaster