Earth Day Ritual

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Earth Day Ritual

The Celebration of Earth Day is of great importance to the Pagan community. It is after all Mothers Day.

Although this was written as a group meditation ritual it can easily be modified for a solitary ritual as well.

You will need;

White or Yellow candle (Air)
Red candle (Fire)
Blue candle (Water)
Green candle (Earth)
Goddess candle

Set up your altar, with the colored candles at the four cardinal points. Purify with salt water or sage

Light your Goddess candle and cast your circle.

Light the other four candles. Take a moment, stand peacefully until their flames burn slowly and steadily.

Sit or lie down so you are relaxed, with a pillow under your knees if that helps your back to be straight and comfortable. Look at the five candle flames.

Breathe slowly and deeply, not straining. With every breath in, take in relaxation and calm. With every breath out, release tension and worry

Feel gravity gently pressing against your body, pressing you to the ground, to the earth, and then slowly, feel yourself sink into the earth. Slowly, slowly sink slowly into the earth. Send your consciousness down through the grass, down through the soil and down, deep down, into the earth. Be aware of the mass of rock that lies beneath the soil- shale, quartz, sandstone, granite; the black, white, and red-shot through with bands of minerals, darkly glittering; crystals that shine like stars within the stones ….Let your consciousness become one with the earth: You are a mountain as old as the planet itself, once part of the seabed, thrown up by unspeakable forces now stilled, silent, enormously, timelessly rooted in the earth, your head in the stars………or perhaps a minute grain of sand, one among trillions and trillions, endlessly shifting, sifting, with the ocean tides … Forever a part of the earth ….

Now shift your consciousness and become aware of the plant kingdom: algae and seaweeds, forests of kelp, grasses blowing gently in a savanna wind, yellow and orange lichens on a rock in a woodland, prickly pears, an ancient oak wood, a rain forest blooming with delicate orchids, vines hanging heavy with fruit … You are the earth, the soft green moss on a rock by a stream, a mountain strawberry, a wild rose……… you feel the wind blow your petals ever so softly …….

Again alter your consciousness to become aware of the animal kingdom…. listen to the voices of the wild: the roar of the tiger, the belling of the stag, perhaps the howl of the wolf; the cries of owls and the tap, tap, tapping, of woodpeckers, the whirring of a birds´ wings as it passes over head, the padding of soft paws………become one now with the animal kingdom, with the salmon leaping upstream, the fox gliding silently through the night, or the snake shedding its skin…feel what your new body is like and what it feels like to creep, or walk, climb, run or fly in free motion….

And now once again alter your consciousness and become aware of the human kingdom …mankind, human, you are standing on two feet …notice how different that feels: you can stand like a stone, grow like a plant, move like an animal, but you can now create with your mind and your hands and you can sing and you can dance and you can dream in your heart and make that dream real upon the earth …for you are a Goddess/God on this earth. You are a part of the Mother.

Now when you are ready, slowly open your eyes .

Ritual Chant

Mother Earth, We have seen your rocks and layers
We have been the dust storm, the ancient volcano’s lava;
We have Swum in your oceans, and flowed in your streams.
Run with the wild brothers and sisters, And howled at the Moon.
We have spun amongst the comets and asteroids,
Burned with creation’s fire, frozen in ice in the void.
We have been music, the song of the spheres, the frequency of the stars.
We have been a human being and feel our connection
Our connection to every other thing that lives; for everything has life.
Mother Earth we pray to love You and protect You.
So Mote it Be

Feel the Earth under you, draw up power, raise it up fully, feel it streaming out of your hands and your third eye. Hurl the power over your head to close the hole in the ozone layer; to shower down and bring understanding to those who do not know our Mother; to heal and to bring peace.

“Pagan Prayer”

May my heart be gentle;
My mind still and open;
My spirit unshackled;
My awareness keen;
My conscience clear;
My nature giving.
May I be a healing energy;
May I be of benefit to all;
May my life enrich others;
May I know what matters;
And live in harmony with Nature.

Close the Circle and thank the Mother



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