How-To Become Calm and Centered

How-To Become Calm and Centered


Make your magic more effective by building emotional and psychic intensity and focusing clearly on your goal. Here’s how:


A very smooth, rounded stone, smaller than your fist: and some soothing taped music.

The Spell:

(Beginners’ Note: It is recommended that you perform this spell in the context of a fully cast circle and Quarters. Take this spell seriously, and it will open the door into the effectiveness of your future studies.)

Sit while holding the stone and listening to the music in a quiet room at home, or in the outdoors if the weather is nice. Breathe deeply and rhythmically. Begin inhaling through your mouth, then exhaling through your nostrils with a long, steady humming note. With each exhalation, make the note smoother and draw it out longer. Breathe your tension and anxiety into the stone. When you feel calm and centered, put the stone on the ground, open the circle and walk away. The stone will dissipate the tension into the Earth to be transmuted; if you wish, you can retrieve the stone in a day or two for later use.