To Curse Someone Who Offended You

To Curse Someone Who Offended You

He/she will be sorry for the things that they had done to you.

Items You Will Need:

6 black candles
His/her picture
paper and pencil

The Spell

1.  Form the candles into square and light them
2.  Put the picture of your enemy in the middle of the square
3.  On a piece of paper write all the the bad things that he/she had done to you.and burn the paper.
4.  Gather the ashes and sprinkle it to the picture and chant this words 6 times..


You have offended me many times
You insulted me and made me feel like a tool
You discriminated me by your words
You have told your friends about me and made
Them thought that I’m stupid and worthy to be humiliated
And discriminated..
Now tomorrow will be my freedom
Free from discrimination,insults,and humiliation
Cause this time you will feel the things that I felt
When you offended will be the last person to kneel
Before me and beg for my forgiveness,cause by tomorrow
You will be the one being Discriminated, insulted, humiliated
and the feeling that you are really worthy to be offended..

5.  After chanting this words burn your enemy’s picture and gather the ashes together(include the paper’s ashes) and throw them in the air. Your Done!