Materials :

1 candle to represent your self
4 or more black candles
3 white candles
*The number of candles can be varied
Incense any but preferably the following:
Basil, Dragon’s Blood, Myrrh, Pine, and/or Sage

The Spell:

One the eve of a full moon gather the materials and inscribe the candles as follows.
The candle representing yourself. Place your name or any symbol that represents you or the person you are doing the spell for.
2 of the black candles with repel
2 of the black candles with adsorb
The 3 white candles with protection
Take your personal candle in your hands and invision yourself. Fill the candle with your energy. Place the candle in a holder in the centre of your work area. Say the following as you light it:

This is me.
Here I stand.

With your candle lit place the three white candles around it in a triangle with the point of it a way from you. Say the following as you light them:

This is the light which will always protect me.
It is the light with in me.
It is the light which flows throughout the universe.
It is the power of protection.

Now close you eyes and invision a bright light building up around you. Fell its warmth and protection. Feel it repelling any negative energy.
Now Place the black candles in a circle around the white. Say the following as you light them:

This is the dark that surrounds the light.
It absorbs that what would cause me harm.
It repels what would cause me harm.
It allows only good to enter in.

Invision a black wall around your white light. See all that you are afraid of being bounced off the wall or neutralized. Focus on this image for five minutes the snuff the candles as you say:

The light remains and protects me from all that is Bane.
So mote it be.

Continue this ritual until you no longer feel the need. You can use the same candles over again.