Let’s Talk Witch – So What is Ostara All About?

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Let’s Talk Witch – So What is Ostara All About?

Ostara or the Spring Equinox when I grew up was always celebrated on March 21. In fact, all the Equinoxes were celebrated on the 21st of their respective months. Now who went and moved it, I don’t know. I do know this has caused some confusion in the Pagan community. How? Well, it is simple. The new generation of Witches & Wiccans are taught Ostara/Spring Equinox is on March 20. The Elders celebrate Ostara on March 21st. See the confusion.

To simplify matters, someone (who I don’t know) decided we celebrate Ostara from March 20th thru March 22nd. I guess this just gives us an excuse to celebrate more days, huh? I practice the Ways of Old, which means I am convinced that Ostara is on March 21st. But the books and other material insist that the Spring Equinox occurs during the previous days.

To me, it is like pick one and stick to it. My tradition dictates to me that we celebrate Ostara on the 21st of March. Your tradition might tell you something else. This brings us to the question, who is right? I am open-minded but I don’t like people changing things such as our Sabbats’ days around. I personally believe that no one in the Pagan community did this. I think you know were I am going with this. The same people who have stolen much of our traditions from us, now you get the idea.

All of this makes me wonder, if the dates were changed on our Sabbats, what was the purpose in doing that? Was it to make our Sabbats seem less important? To me, that seems to be the main idea behind moving these dates. Oh, by the way, our Summer Equinox date has also been changed. It is now marked as being celebrated on the 20th of June. Again, it use to be June 21st. And to get totally off topic here, they have even changed the astrological sign’s date in June. I know this personally because I am married a Gemini. But really he is now a Scorpio. Darn, my sign and his sign aren’t even compatiable. Like I said that is totally off topic. But are you getting my point.

It is time for us to wake up and see what is actually happening. Someone is screwing with our Religion (I don’t like the term, screwing but unfortunately it fits). It is an attempt to divide us, cause confusion, and most of all take away the importance of our Religious Holidays. I am tired of others outside of our Religion playing with it. As far as I am concerned, they can keep their paws off of our Religion. If they want to play with one, mess with their own. I wonder how they would like it if all of a sudden Christmas was celebrate December 18th thru 26th. I don’t think they would. Neither do I like people messing with ours.

I have never argued this point amongst the Pagan community. If I did, it would only cause a fight perhaps, confusion and divide us. That is what they want. I will not argue the point with anyone in our community. Never! I understand we have newcomers and Elders that might have grew up or just learned that the Spring Equinox was on this day or that day. As far as all of us at the WOTC, we will wish you a Happy & Blessed Ostara from March 20 to March 22. The point is simple, I will never let them win or comply to anything that might divide us. All that matters is that we know the truth, we know our history and our teachings. We never, ever let anyone come between us. We stand as one Religion with many Paths & Traditions the compliment each other.

Always remember it is extremely important that we work to bring the Craft back to the mainstream Religions. Then once we are back in its rightful place, we will rewrite our own history. Yes, Our History, we should know it better than anyone else! It is a history and heritage that I am proud to call my own on this first day of Spring (you know really it is March 21st, right, lol!).

May the Goddess bless each and everyone of you in this beautiful season of rebirth and renewal.



Lady Of The Abyss

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Witch – So What is Ostara All About?

  1. Very beautifully said Lady Abyss, and Bonnielee, how awful that you had that experience in that other group. It’s too bad that *some* teens deem adults as *too old*, *old fashioned*, and *stupid*, rather than realizing that this is a beautiful craft that is to be learned FROM those who have been taught by THEIR elders, or those who have been in the Craft and took the time and patience and practise to learn. *SOME* seem to believe that reading a book (or the spell section) qualifies them to the claim of expert, HP etc.
    I had read somewhere and some time ago that the astrological signs/dates had been changed.. I just said, “nope, I’m a Cancerian” and that’s that. I thought it was pretty sneaky changing the dates to, its the 21st to me and just go hang..

    Live Life With Heart~celtie


  2. I have been in this religion for 15 years. I seen what you have been talking about for some time. Changes have really been going on for some time now. It up set me when I had joined a group to feel closer with others who saw things as I did, but to fine out they were just a bunch of childer teaching things they really had no clue what they were doing and calling there selves priest or priestess at the age of 13 or 16. This saddens me so much trying to explain how you get to that place and that take a long time with growth and practice. They deleted me for I was too old for their group. The things that they were teaching was so unture and sad. They have hurt us as witches and add so much untruth that it has begun to show in books and teaching out there. Hopefully we can keep the truth of our craft a live and through the Lord and Lady with the spirit that we will servide in all we are and have been in the tree of life…. thank you for sharing. Love and Light


    1. Thank you so much, Bonnielee. You are more than welcome here. We are an open minded, mature group of witches. The witches here take our Craft very serious and want the truth to be known. That is the mission of the WOTC to spread the truth and beauty about our Religion. You will never be deleted from this community. I would never do that (in fact, I haven’t deleted anyone yet!). Now for the idoits you are talking about, that might be a totally different story.

      We have to bring the Craft back to mainstream and let our history be told. We are the ones to tell it, because we know it best. It is great to have you here, dear sister. If you need anything at all, just holler.
      Goddess Bless You & Yours,
      Lady A


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