Daily Motivator for March 13th – Living by intention

Living by intention

Live by intention, not by reaction. Consciously choose your actions and they  will be far more rewarding.

Instead of being a slave to the negativity of others, be the master of your  own positive and purposeful life. Decide precisely how you wish to live, and  then focus your energy on following that course.

Keep in mind that excuses make you a victim, so let go of any urge to create  those excuses. Choosing to unconditionally take responsibility for your life is  what will make life rich and full.

Living intentionally and responsibly is difficult, inconvenient and won’t  always make you the most popular person around. Ultimately, though, it is always  the choice that creates the true, meaningful value you seek.

Live fully in each moment, but don’t live just for the moment. Live so that  your very best possibilities continue to unfold as time goes on.

You know that there is great, unique value and goodness within you. Live each  day with purposeful intention, and joyfully give that value and goodness to all  of life.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator