One More Thing Then I will Say Good Day, my friends

I mentioned yesterday about raffling off a $50.00 coupon for purchasing anything in our store. I received no answer. I was wondering if you were interested or not.  The cost of the raffle ticket would be $5.00 same as always and it will give you a chance to get your hands on gorgeous merchandise. You won’t have to use it up in one shopping spree, you can make it last as long as you like. I will tell you I am adding some unique merchandise every night to the store. So here is a simple poll, if you would be so kind to answer it.


One thought on “One More Thing Then I will Say Good Day, my friends

  1. I love reading your post everday for inspration sorry if I spell wrong. But they days when I fine time to open post and read them. My life gets hard but you up left me and helps and I keep you in my heart and pass the love on to another that may need up left too. Just by reading your words. Love and light…. Bonnielee


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