Colored Candle Love Spell

Colored Candle Love Spell

Cast this spell to bring you closer to the one you love.

You will need a colored candle, a ballpoint pen and ten drops of rose oil. Choose the color of candle that represents the energy you want to bring into your relationship. Colors are: Green = growth, pink = romance and love, red = passion and sexuality, white = a stronger spiritual bond.

Once you select the colored candle, use the ballpoint pen to inscribe the name of the person in the relationship with you three times on the candle body. Next, write your name three times on top of the three names of the person in the relationship with you. As you rub ten drops of rose oil into the candle, say the following verse:

One drop, two drops, three,

Let the Goddess of love empower me.

Light the candle and imagine looking into the eyes of your lover. Envision the energy of the candle burning like a beacon, lighting a path between you and your lover. Now say:

Divine light of passion

Come brighten my lover and I

With your shimmering light

Tonight and every night

So be it! Blessed Be!

Let the candle burn down safely. In the morning when you wake up, say a heartfelt prayer for the Goddess of Love.