Let’s Talk Witch – Divination With The Pendulum


Let’s Talk Witch – Divination With The Pendulum

I will be the first to admit it. When I am in a hurry and want to know something, I reach for my pendulum. I know most people associate the use of pendulums with dowsing as a way of searching for water. But, of course, that is only one use of the pendulum. When you use a pendulum for the purpose of divination, you’re searching for answers hidden within yourself.

A pendulum consists of a small weight – a crystal or some other stone, for instance – hung from a short chain or ribbon. You hold the chain/ribbon, letting the pendulum dangle at the end of it, while you ask a simple question. The pendulum responds by swinging in a direction predetermined to mean either yes or no.

A pendulum isn’t capable of handling complex questions, but it can be used to answer any yes or no question. Most of the time, a pendulum will swing from side to side to let you know that the answer to your question is no. A backward and forward movement generally means yes. However, it’s a good idea to ask your pendulum aloud which direction will indicate yes and which will indicate no.

Sometimes the pendulum swings in a diagonal line. This can mean the matter is uncertain or that your question can’t be answered at this time. You might want to try asking later. If the pendulum doesn’t move, try asking a different question or phrase the question in a different manner. If your pendulum circles in a clockwise direction, it usually means the situation you’re asking about is favorable. If the pendulum moves in a counterclockwise circle, conditions seem unfavorable.

You can use a pendulum to dowse for just about anything, from buried treasure to the best spot to drill a well. You can dowse an area to find a lost object. You can dowse a house or apartment to see if it’s right for you. Or dowse the land to determine the  best place to build a home, business, shrine, garden, etc.

You can even dowse a map. This technique is great if you’re thinking about taking a trip or looking for a new place to live. Hold the pendulum over a map of an area that interests you and ask, “Is this the place?” If the response is no, try another area. Keep at it until the pendulum says yes.

Want to try something cool with your pendulum? When you purchase a candle from a store or buy a Craft item over the internet this is great to do. I always wonder if the item has any residue left over from its maker. Let’s say I just bought a new candle from the store. I bring it home, before I ever put it on my altar, I get my pendulum. Now I take the pendulum and hold it over the candle. If the candle has picked up any past residue the pendulum will start to swing outwards in a circle. This tells me that the candle does have past residue and I must take care in cleansing it. It the pendulum does not move, it has no past reside and I can cleanse as normal. But you can do this with any Craft item you purchase and it will work the same.

For such a small Craft tool, you will be amazed at all the things a pendulum can tell you can do for you.