Good Monday Morning WOTC!

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Today is going to be a little different, needless to say! We are totally unprepared (unlike if Lady Abyss was here).  Lady A is currently nursing her hand again, the damn dummy! And I am not doing a thing behind her back because after she gets a fox loaded up, she will read all of this. As you all know Lady A can charm animals. We have had a pack of coyote dogs running the place. These dogs are very dangerous, they will even attack humans. They have been killing all our outside animals that just wander the property. Lady A got wind of a local cougar being near, she summoned it to do her bidding. You and I both know what that was. Well come to find out this cougar is a female and she is pregnant. Lady A decides she wants her to stay here where it is safe.

During our Mabon celebration, she took the cougar as a familiar. Apparently the cougar wanted to take her as its’ witch also. To make a long story short, Lady A sit down in front of the cougar and held out her hand. The cougar took its paw and cut Lady A’s hand. It cut it from one end to the other. We started to rush to her aid but she motioned for us to stop. She then picked up the cougar’s paw and placed it in her bloody hand, covering the paw in her blood. The cougar laid down like a cat and started licking the blood. You could see an immediate transformation come over that cougar. It rolled over on it’s belly for her to rub, it got up and give her the biggest, nastiest lick you have ever seen in your life. Both of them are now bonded. The cougar has it’s own enclosure. It comes and goes as it wishes and most important we are no longer scared to death of it.  Mind you, we keep our distance but we aren’t scared to death of it.

Lady A should have went and got stitches but she reminded us that her fore-mothers didn’t go and get stitches when they made familiars. So we let her be.  But she is off the computer keyboard for a change and it’s me again! Aren’t you so lucky, lmao!

Have a very Blessed Monday,


I am curious how long it will take for Razzy (the bobcat) to get pissed and get into it with the cougar???

6 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning WOTC!

    1. Lady A always has a very heavy shield up. You can try but I seriously doubt if you will get through. It is a wonderful idea and it is very nice that you think so much of her.


  1. Oh !! Is Lady A Ok? I can’t even imagine how painful this is! Tell her to take care and thanks for sharing this Mystie. Many blessings to you!


    1. You are welcome and I will tell her you asked about her. It is very painful and deep. But she is keeping it good and clean so hopefully it won’t get infected. But the cougar is walking right beside her like a dog would and protecting her. It is amazing.


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