Opal Magick (All Four Elements Are Combined Within)

Opal Magick

The opal holds the same properties as all four of the Elements combined. It is an extraordinary stone and is unequaled in its magickal power.

Superstitions abound about the opal. It is commonly thought that anyone who was not born in the month of October should not wear an opal, that it is unlucky and could possibly have dire consequences. This superstition came about because of a nineteenth-century novel, Sir Walter Scott’s Anne of Geierstein. It is not based on the actual properties of the gemstone itself, but on a work of fiction.

While the opal has extremely strong magickal characteristics, it is weak in physical strength. Do not use your opals in a manner that will bump them about or cause significant temperature changes. Opals are very delicate and will crack or shatter. Black opals and fire opals are highly prize as magickal stones.

Because the opal carries the attributes of all four Elements, it may be used for any intent as long as you keep on thing in mind: it is a magnifier. Whatever you use it for will manifest in many different ways, and so will backlash you might earn if using an opal for negative work. Because the opal is blend of colors and carries the attributes of each one within it, it is unlimited in its magickal uses.

The best use for an opal is as a guardian for protection. Keep it as a positively charged energy booster, use it as a scrying vehicle, or use it as a stone to contact divinity. Also, a charged opal placed on the third eye is a powerful kick to encourage astral projection.


Opal Protection Spell

Light a white candle and place the opal at the base of it. Say:

Flashing Lights
Rid me of fright
A guardian I do seek
Protect all you see
Home and family
It will be as I speak!

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