Wormwood For Summoning Spirits




Wormwood For Summoning Spirits


Wormwood has long had a connection with the spirit forces. Historically, it has been used for summoning the spirits of the dead since as early as the ancient Greeks. For this purpose it was burned on a fire of privet, the wood chosen for use in funeral pyres, as it was felt that a fire of privet opened the doors to the underworld. In Christian practice it is said that wormwood was cast out of the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. One might say that wormwood has a rather unsavory reputation.


To use wormwood to summon the spirits of the dead, it should be finely ground and burned on charcoal as an incense. Wormwood can be used either to summon a spirit into a medium, or to summon a spirit into visible appearance. It is not as effective as Solomon’s seal root for spiritual forces or non-human entities, but it is excellent when working with the dead of the human community.


Those who would like to work with the dead may use the following incenses for summoning. There is a great deal more to working with the dead than having the proper incense at hand, but use of a good incense will certainly assist matters.


Summoning incense number one:

3 parts wormwood herb

1 part Solomon’s seal herb


This incense is useful for summoning recalcitrant spirits those who are not in the best mood when they are summoned. It must not be used when attempting to summon higher spirits, but it is excellent for summoning the human dead.


Summoning incense number two:

3 parts wormwood herb

1 part vervain herb


This incense is useful for summoning people who died in a depressed state, or people who are not aware they are dead. It is useful for lightening up spirits who are sad, as well as calling them to you. It will generally call a more elevated type of spirit than the first incense, but its action is much the same.


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