Hoodoo Candle Magic

Hoodoo Candle Magic

Guest Author – Elizabeth Bissette

A Few Kinds of Candles and Their Uses

Figure Candles

1. Skull: Meditation on death, luck gambling

2. Nude Male/Female: White = attract someone, pink or red = love spells

3. Black Cat: luck gambling

4. 7 Knob Wishing Candle: A wish a day for seven days or to make a wish 7x as strong.

White = healing,

Green = money,

Black = malevolence,

red = love

You can make one by taking 7 pins and sticking them through a large candle ot make 7 sections. Write your wish(es) on a piece of paper then turn it 90 degrees sideways. Write your full name over the wish(es) or wishes 7x, writing each over the other cross-wise.

Put the paper under the candle afer anointing it with an appropriate oil. Burn it for 7 nights, pinching it out each time a needle falls. Save the needles. When the last one falls, stick them in the paper in 2 X’s around a double-cross (2 lines crossing one upright line).

Bury the paper and leftover wax under your doorstep if you want to attract something or someone to you. Throw the paper and wax away at a crossroads, in running water, or in a graveyard if you want to get rid of something or someone.

If you buy a 7 knob candle, carve your wish into each knob or the same wish 7x. Anoint with appropriate oil, pinch out after each knob burns.


Colors in candle magic

White: healing, rest

Blue: peace, harmony, joy

Green: money, luck gambling, business

Yellow: devotion, happiness, attraction

Red: love, passion, strength

Pink: attraction, romance

Purple: power, control

Orange: taking things in a different direction, precognitive dreams

Brown: court, neutrality

Black: to repel things, particularly evil

Double Action candles:

Red and black: to remove a love-jinx  White and black: to return evil  Green and black: to remove a money-jinx

Burning Double Action candles: 

Cut off the tip and cut a new tip on the black half so that it will burn off first. Carve the name of your enemy backwards on the black half and your name forwards on the other half. Anoint with appropriate oil to repel what you don’t want on the black end, rubbing it away from yourself. Anoint the other end with an appropriate oil to attract what you want and rub it towards yourself. To strengthen the spell, burn the candle on a flat mirror.

Reversing candles are similar, but have a red inner layer and black outer layer. They reverse ill will and uncross crossed situations. Do the same things when burning them as with the above, but all inscriptions on them should be done backwards.


Novena Candles 

These candles, decorated with figures of saints, are burned for 9 days. The choice of candle/Saint depends on the result desired

More about Hoodoo candle magic:

1. Candles are not only anointed with oil, but are sometimes rolled in herbs or sprinkled with powders.

2. To attract light the candle when both clock hands are rising, in the second half of the between six and twelve; to repel light the candle when both hands on the clock are falling, in the first half of the hours from twelve to six.

3. Fortunes are often told from the patterns the wax makes on glass encased candles.

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