Calendar of the Sun for Wednesday, December 26th

Calendar of the Sun

26 Yulmonath

Day of Horus

Colors: Red, Gold, and Blue
Elements: Air and Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of red, gold, or blue place a cup of beer, feathers, incense of frankincense, two torches, and a figure of Horus.
Offerings: Look at something from a new perspective.
Daily Meal: Poultry, lentils, flatbread, dates, figs, and beer.

Invocation to Horus

Hail, Hawk of the Sun,
Son of Isis and Osiris,
Avenger of the murdering Set,
You are the sharp glance of objectivity
And the long view of illumination!
We who are earthbound
Sing your praises.
You who see all from afar,
You who swoop on your prey
With unerring aim,
Help us to learn the skill
Of that much focus,
That much concentration
To the blotting out
Of all insignificances.
Hail, Hawk of the Sun!
We who are earthbound
Follow your track across the sky
With every inch of our sight.

Chant: Heru Heru
En ka eny sen

(The beer is poured out as a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]