Daily Motivator for August 18 – Put your mind at peace

Put your mind at peace

Put your mind at peace, and put yourself in a powerful state. Let go of the  worries and anxieties, and let in the most meaningful and positive  possibilities.

You already have enough challenges to deal with. Don’t let your own thoughts  drag you down.

Instead, quiet those thoughts and feel the beauty of your own being. Rather  than getting carried along by one distraction after another, experience the  unique power and potential of the moment.

At the center of who you are, there is peace, and it is real. Connect  yourself often with that peace, and let its positive power fill every corner of  your life.

Put your mind at peace, and free yourself to think and to act according to  your highest, most authentic values. See the best possibilities, and see how you  can lovingly bring them to life.

Live from a perspective of peace, and live at a higher, more heartfelt level.  Put your mind at peace, and be your most sincere and positive self.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator