Amaterasu Sun Goddess Ritual

Amaterasu Sun Goddess Ritual


You will need:

1 red candle to represent the goddess

1 candle to represent yourself in your preferred color

1 black candle to represent the shadow self

1 white candle

Round mirror or mirrors (makeup compact mirrors are okay)

Crystals, if desired

Cinnamon incense

Oils, such as Jasmine and/or Dragon’s Blood


Cast your Circle; call in the Elements, 4 Directions, and the Higher Powers.  Also your ancestors and guides, if you wish.

‘Dress’ or oil your candles.  If you are going to carve anything on them though, do that first.  On the red candle, carve an image of the sun.  On the black candle, carve ‘facing the shadow self’ and ‘releasing negativity’.  You can use two black candles if you wish, up to you.  You can carve your name on yours, and since the white one will represent Spirit or Enlightenment, you can carve that on it or just leave it blank.  (The intent is always the main thing!)  Put mirrors around to represent the sun goddess, and crystals such as white quartz or citrine, yellow topaz.  

Light your candles.  Put the white candle next to the black candle to represent illumination.  Put your candle next to the goddess candle. Put mirrors and crystals around the candles. 

Center yourself; then say this invocation three times.




Amaterasu, bright Goddess of the Sun!

Shine upon us who call upon you!

Light the path before us,

Keep us safe in your warm comfort.


You who abhor violence and strife,

Please defend us from any evil ones

With your heavenly arrows.

Help us laugh like you did with Uzume,


As she did her funny dance for you!

Shed light on our shadow selves

So we can work through darkness within,

And find the love and joy we need.




When you are through with the invocation, visualize bravely facing the shadows within yourself.  Visualize light being shed upon any darkness within, and then coming out of a cave and into the light.  You are greeted by your ancestors, guides and guardians, and surrounded with love.  Amaterasu gives you a kiss on your forehead and gives you her blessing.

When you are through, go to the door and open it.  Visualize yourself as guided, protected, and full of joy, and this going out into the Universe to manifest.  Then say, “So Mote it Be!”  Clap your hands and visualize any extra energy going into Mother Earth.


©   Beth Clare Johnson (Mystic Amazon),


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