Daily Cosmic Calendar for July 25

The early bird catching the worm is a highly sensible aphorism for today’s stellar proceedings. As mentioned at the close of yesterday’s calendar entry, love vibrations increase in frequency – courtesy of a Moon trine to Venus from Libra to Gemini (12:57AM PDT). This Moon-Venus harmony can also lead to achievements in the fine and graphic arts. Meanwhile, Mercury forming a trine in fire signs to its higher-guardian planet Uranus (6:28AM PDT) is another signal that brainstorms can lead to ingenious inventions eventually manifesting in the material realm.  However, as the Moon in Libra forms its monthly union with time-keeper Saturn (8:23AM PDT), the lunar orb starts a void cycle that will last until 7:30PM PDT. Don’t press your luck during the 11+ hour void lunar twilight zone. A major impediment that could block your forward progress is the arrival of a potent Sun-Pluto contra-parallel (1:14PM PDT). Emotional tensions, old karma and repressed anger can coalesce into a nasty brew that emanates underworld snares and temptations.  Pull yourself out of any hazy mind traps and delusions in order to be a tuned-in and passionate, amateur detective once the Moon enters Scorpio (7:30PM PDT). The arrival of Scorpio Moon adds a strong touch of mystery and intrigue to your primary partnerships. Regain your mastery of the dream dimension this evening as the Moon makes a harmonious trine of 120-degrees with far-out Neptune (11:47PM PDT).