Candle Colors & Their Correspondences

Color Meanings

Red: Stength, Energy, Passion, Love, Courage, Career Goals,Healing,Power,Willpower
Blue: Peace,Truth, Sleep, Healing, Hope, Friendship,Protection,Calm,Creativity,Patience,Wisdom
Yellow: Mental Powers, New Home,Charm, Confidence,Visions, Attraction,Mental Powers
Orange: Success,Sitmulate energy, Justice, Attraction,Seal a Spell
Green: Healing, Succes, Good Luck, Beauty, Money,
Pink: Love, Fidelity, Friendship, Honor,Harmony
Gold: Solar Deities,Attraction
Brown: Animal Magic, Locate Lost Objects, Home,Herb Magic,Friendship
Gray: Neutral,Glamories
Purple: Psychic Ability, Success, Wisdom,Power, Spiritualy Growth,Independence
White: Truth,Peace, Purity, Lunar Magic,Proetection,Happiness, Masculine Divine
Silver: Encourage,Remove Negativity,Quick Money,Gambling,Monn magic
Black: Binding, Repelling,Protection


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