Doggie of the Day for April 18th

Saito, the Dog of the Day
Name: Saito
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male Breed: Alaskan Malamute mix
Home: Milford, Massachusetts, USA
Hello! I would like to honor my dog Saito; he is wonderful and handsome.

Hello. My name is Saito, named after ancient Japanese warrior Hajime Saito. I insisted on writing my own Dog of the Day summary, as I consider myself more human than dog:

Exhibit A – I prefer people food over “kibble.” My favorite is pita; I don’t like jalapeños. Once when my humans were away, I ate all of the leftover pizza! Minus the jalapeños, which I removed with surgical precision and lined up on the living room rug.

Exhibit B – I prefer people furniture. My favorite is the couch when my humans are lounging on the floor. Every night, I slumber on the guest bed with my little sister curled up on the floor in front of me like my dog.

Exhibit C – I am proud of my looks. I stand straighter and walk with more swagger when I wear my favorite bandanas. My looks have gotten my humans countless free drinks at Starbucks drive-throughs. Once when we were in Boston, a couple stopped us to offer me one of the hamburgers they just picked up for take-out (which my humans turned it down! I’m still upset about that).

Exhibit D – I need my personal space and freedom. Unlike most canines, I am choosy about when I dole out affection…most typically when I want something or think I’ve done something wrong. When my humans call me over, I stop just far enough out of their reach. And finally, I believe a man needs his adventures; if the backyard gate is accidentally left open, I unfailingly run away!

My humans sometimes call me “Emo Boy.” It’s true that occasionally I cry for seemingly no reason or stare blankly into space for minutes at a time. The characterization falls a bit flat though, because my favorite toy is a stuffed pink dragon named Marjorine. I have seven Marjorines whom I love equally.

My humans constantly shower me with affection, toys, and treats and also tell me how special I am. I know they love me more than anything, which I deserve.

Saito, the Dog of the Day
Saito, the Dog of the Day