The Wicca Book Of Days for April 6 – Clear Your Head

The Wicca Book of Days for April 6th

Clear Your Head

According to traditional astrological belief, Aries, the zodiacal sign that governs this day, corresponds to the head. If you regularly suffer from headaches or migraines, this would therefore be a good time to focus on identifying any pain and nausea-inducing triggers, such as stress or caffeine-rich drinks and on trying a variety of natural remedies. Many people swear by the Arien herb feverfew, for instance, and one way of reaping its benefits daily is to layer the fresh leaves in a sandwich, but note that if you find their bitter taste unpalatable, the Bach flower essence may prove an effective alternative.

Loosen up with Lavender

If you are plagued by tension headaches, turn to relaxing lavender to disperse them. Try massaging a few drops of the essential oil into your temples, and sprinkle some more over your pillow so that you can inhale the soothing aroma as you sleep.

*Personal note – check during the day to see if you are allergic to lavender. I bought a lavender sleep sachet. Stuck it under my pillow and woke up the next morning with one side of my face swelled up. So check to see if you are allergic. Rub a little on your wrist and watch the area. If it turns bright red and swells, you are allergic.*


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