Crystal of the Day for February 23 is Diamond

Crystal of the Day


Diamonds are associated with love and romance. It is the stone traditionally chosen for engagement rings. And, rightly so, because diamonds foster unity, trust, and fidelity.

Remedy Benefits of Diamonds:

  • Aids creativity
  • Manifests good fortune
  • Enhances psychic ability
  • In alignment with the white light
  • Promotes harmony and balance

Diamonds are also Shielding and Protecting Crystals

Crystals can be employed as energy shields or work as protective amulets. Actually, shielding stones work best when they are worn or carried on the person. Because of the absorption qualities many of them have it is important to learn how to cleanse your crystals in order to free them from all negative energies they have picked up. Absorption is often how they protect you, they take in and bad vibrations that are lingering about so you don’t have to.

One thought on “Crystal of the Day for February 23 is Diamond

  1. Diamond Healing Energy is very calming, it opens my crown chakra to the universe. Diamonds can be a Mans best friend too. Although I think my wife likes them more. thanks for sharing this post


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